Chris Rock may have received a violent slap during one of the biggest events in show business, he insists: he is not a victim.

The comedian took the stage for a never-before-seen show in New Jersey, and he flashed back to last February's Oscars when Will Smith stood up to punch him after he made a joke about the alopecia by Jada Pinkett Smith.

And far from lamenting his fate, the comedian reminded his spectators that humor was the best defense.

“Those who say words hurt have never been punched in the face,” he laughed at the audience, according to

Us Weekly

before continuing: “I'm not a victim, motherfucker… Yeah, that hurts, motherfucker.

But I got up and went to work the next day… I don't go to the hospital for a paper cut”.

Hollywood gangster

In the sketch, Chris Rock also joked about the violence of Will Smith by calling him "Suge Smith", in reference to Suge Knight, boss of the rap label Death Row Records, currently incarcerated for several crimes, including that of having killed a man by driving into him.

The comic had announced that he would eventually speak out on the incident which shocked the whole world, but not before being "paid by Netflix".

A way of saying that he intended to capitalize on the buzz caused by this unexpected slap.

For the moment, the star's interventions on the subject can be counted on the fingers of one hand, as he has remained discreet, including during his stand-up shows (he is on tour throughout the United States, with Kevin Hart in particular).

The comedian had mentioned ga slap during his first show after the Oscars, in New Jersey, then the following month during a show in England, without going into details.

"Your tickets were expensive, but not to the point that I'm telling you about it," he explained to his audience at the time.

Which broadcaster will end up hitting the jackpot by signing the comic to end up writing about the incident?


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