In hot weather, the air conditioner also needs to rest

  Why does overheat protection occur?

  1. The installation position of the outdoor unit is wrong.

The lack of ventilation around the outdoor unit will affect the heat dissipation. The incorrect orientation of the outdoor unit and long-term exposure to the sun will also increase the temperature of the outdoor unit, causing the compressor to stop working.

  2. The outdoor unit is too dirty and blocked.

If the outdoor unit is exposed to the sun and rain for a long time outdoors, too much dust will cause the condenser to block, and it may also cause the air conditioner to overheat protection.

  How to solve the problem of overheating protection air conditioner not cooling?

  In summer, if the air conditioner is overheated and does not cool, you can first turn off the air conditioner for a period of time to "rest".

  If conditions permit, the outdoor unit can be showered with water to cool down to alleviate the overheating.

  If the installation position of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is unreasonable, it is recommended to find a professional maintenance master to shift or install a awning to avoid sun exposure.

Reminder: When turning on the air conditioner, it is recommended to first adjust the temperature to 26°C~27°C, especially when the room temperature is high at noon, keep it at about 26°C, which is energy-saving and comfortable.

  Guangzhou Daily News (all media reporter Xu Xiaofang) According to the news released by the National Climate Center, since June 13, my country has experienced the first regional high temperature weather process this year. As of July 12, the high temperature event has lasted for 30 days, covering the national territory. It covers an area of ​​5.021 million square kilometers and affects more than 900 million people.

  Under the sweltering heat, people are increasingly relying on the "artifact of reducing heat" - air conditioners.

However, a recent reminder has aroused the market's attention to the use of air conditioners in summer.

A warm reminder picture with the Gree trademark circulating on the Internet shows that the temperature will be above 39 ℃ in the next week, and all air conditioners will reach the critical point of the designed operating range (normal operating range +43 ℃), and it is said that the current outdoor temperature ground It has exceeded 60 ℃, which is far beyond the normal range of air conditioners.

  Does the air conditioner also get heatstroke?

Is the definition of "air conditioning critical point" consistent for each brand of air conditioner?

How are the recent sales?

With these questions in mind, Guangzhou Daily reporters consulted with relevant professionals and brands.

  According to the pictures circulating on the Internet, in high temperature weather, "the effect of the air conditioner will get worse and worse, and even the thermal protection of the outdoor unit will stop. This is caused by the external environment, not the air conditioner. Please set the temperature above 26 ℃. (Let the air conditioner take a break), it's not that your air conditioner is not working well, it's that the weather is hotter than ever!"

  Regarding the picture posted on the Internet, Gree responded that the news is not an official release, and it is recommended that the introduction on the official website prevail.

  According to the introduction of relevant professionals, most of the air conditioners in our country adopt the T1 working condition.

The applicable ambient temperature is -7°C~43°C (heat pump type).

That is to say, during cooling operation in summer, when the outdoor ambient temperature exceeds 43°C, the air conditioner cannot cool normally; when the outdoor ambient temperature reaches -7°C, the air conditioner cannot heat.

  But as far as the reality is concerned, professionals also said that although 43°C is the set standard critical point, some air conditioners may not be able to cool at a high temperature of 43°C, but according to the current technology, many air conditioners can operate at temperatures around 50°C. Normal and smooth operation, even some air conditioners can break through the high temperature limit of 60 ℃.

  "If the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is relatively clean and the ventilation and heat dissipation are good, the problem of high temperature protection of the outdoor unit will generally not occur." According to the introduction of professional maintenance person Master Li.

  In order to understand the working critical point of each brand of air conditioner, the reporter consulted the official flagship store of each brand and learned that different brands have different attitudes towards the issue of "outdoor unit thermal protection".

  According to Gree's introduction, Gree has launched an external unit that is officially said to "achieve stable high-temperature cooling, and can operate in a 60°C ultra-high temperature environment".

In addition, Hisense customer service said that its products also have a critical point of air-conditioning work; Kelon customer service said that its products will be affected by temperature; Midea customer service introduced that its products "can still be stably cooled at 55 ℃ high temperature"; as for Galanz and other brands Faced with the question of "whether the outdoor unit will stop running under the condition of high temperature", he said "it won't".

  Guangzhou in the next three days

  Sunny and hot temperatures continue

  Guangzhou Daily News (all media reporter Yekas correspondent Qingyu) Yesterday, the highest temperature in most parts of Guangdong generally dropped. By 18:30, Guangzhou Yuexiu, Tianhe, Haizhu, Liwan, Huangpu and Huadu downgraded the high temperature red warning signal to Orange, only the Baiyun area still has a high temperature red warning.

  The Meteorological Observatory predicts that in the next three days, under the control of a strong subtropical high ridge, high temperature and hot weather in Guangdong will continue, mainly partly cloudy weather, with (thunder) showers in the afternoon; 39°C or above.

  Affected by the circulation of the subtropical high pressure, the sunny, hot and high temperature weather in Guangzhou will continue in the next three days.