The script kills "kills" and enters the scenic spot to become a new favorite. Immersive tourism has become popular

Correctly opening the "Tourism + Script Killing" menu is inseparable from supervision

  □ Our reporter Zhu Ningning

  This summer, many people have specially arranged a new content in this year's travel plan-play a game of script killing in the real scene of the scenic spot, and start their "second life".

  Looking at this year's summer tourism market, traditional sightseeing tourism is quietly changing to immersive tourism, immersive tourism has become a new favorite, and "tourism + script killing" is one of the development directions of immersive tourism.

It can be said that the integration of script killing forms a new traffic entrance for the tourism industry, which can not only enrich the culture and tourism experience of tourists, but also promote tourism enterprises to update their products and innovate services.

But obviously, "tourism + script killing" is by no means a simple superposition of tourism consumption scenarios and script killing. How to make it develop in a standardized, healthy and orderly manner is an unavoidable problem.

  It is worth mentioning that, recently, five departments including the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Emergency Management, and the General Administration of Market Supervision jointly issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Management of Playground Entertainment Business Sites" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"). "), for the first time nationwide, the new formats of scripted entertainment business places such as script killing are included in the management.

An industry insider pointed out in an interview that this move will also have an all-round impact on the current hot "tourism + script killing".

  "Tourism + Script Killing" projects are blooming everywhere

  Outside the car window, there is a lonely desert, old trees and crows.

  In the RV, several people in ancient costumes were nervously studying the script.

After arriving at the destination, look for clues in the Crescent Moon Spring with a new identity, search for evidence in the Mogao Grottoes in the shape of flying sky, interact with NPCs (service characters played by real people) on the scene, and experience different stories by exploring different stories in the scenic area. Another time and space".

  Not only does it have exclusive scripts, exclusive costumes and props, but also a caring butler. Once this RV script killing with Dunhuang culture as its background was launched, it was very popular, and it was even hard to find a car.

There are not only this kind of RV + script killing, but also cruise ship + script killing, museum + script killing, scenic spot + script killing... At present, more and more scenic spots are trying to attract tourists to empower scenic spots through script killing. "Tourism + script killing" projects are blooming everywhere, such as "Qingtian Jian" in Jiezi Ancient Town in Sichuan, "Xia" and "Apricot" in Qingcheng Mountain, "Mysterious Reef" of Hubei Zhiyin Cruise Ship, and "Tongtian Buddha" in Luoyang City National Heritage Park in Sui and Tang Dynasties Congrats from all directions" and so on.

Many places have successively launched immersive script killing projects combined with the actual scenes of scenic spots to create immersive tourism products.

  This immersive travel method is especially sought after by many young people. It not only attracts many script-killing players, but also many non-script killing players.

Many people even take the train or "fly" to experience it, and some popular projects need to be reserved months in advance.

  With the increasing attention of consumers and the growing demand for immersive experience, "tourism + script killing" has gradually become a new format of content experience that has attracted much attention, and related themed catering, themed accommodation, and tourism-specific cultural and creative products are also being vigorously expanded. .

  Not a substitute for "add-on shopping"

  In November 2020, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the "Opinions on Promoting the High-Quality Development of the Digital Cultural Industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"), proposing the development of immersive formats.

Promote the transplantation and transformation of existing cultural content to immersive content and enrich virtual experience content.

The "Opinions" proposed to support cultural relics units, scenic spots, theme parks, park blocks, etc. to develop immersive experience projects with cultural resources, and to carry out services such as digital exhibition halls and virtual scenic spots.

Develop immersive tourism performances and immersive entertainment experience products to improve the digital level of tourism performances and offline entertainment.

  "Our country has left a lot of historical legends and stories in the long historical development process, and formed a rich and diverse regional culture, which provides extremely rich material for the creation of script killings." Member of the Legal Expert Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism According to Zhou Gangzhi, Executive Dean of the Culture and Tourism Research Institute of Hunan Normal University, the development of the scripted entertainment industry such as "Script Killing" provides an important development opportunity for the in-depth integration and development of my country's culture and tourism.

  Zhou Gangzhi pointed out that my country's tourism industry still relies too much on the "ticket economy". To change this situation, we need to broaden our horizons, change our thinking, and strengthen the design, operation and management of cultural and creative products and services.

The establishment of script-killing script entertainment business venues in scenic spots, theaters, etc. brings a new sense of experience to consumers. While tourists inherit the excellent traditional Chinese culture in the "immersive experience", they can also bring new consumption to tourist destinations. growth point.

"Tourism + script killing" is an important development direction of the tourism industry in the future.

  However, he also emphasized that the development of the new format of "tourism + script killing" needs to pay more attention to the rational development and utilization of the regional culture, folk customs and intangible cultural heritage of the tourist destination, so that the content of "script entertainment" is more suitable for the tourism destination. Cultural traditions, making it more regional and avoiding the occurrence of chaos such as content similarity or illegal infringement.

At the same time, the script entertainment industry should clearly mark the price and operate with integrity in actual operation, and "script killing + tourism" should not be a substitute for "additional shopping" in tourism management.

  Correctly guide and strictly review the content of the script

  Talking about the development trend of "tourism + script killing", Wang Tianxing, member of the Legal Expert Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and deputy director of the Cultural Tourism Law and Regulation Research Center of Beijing International Studies University, pointed out that for most tourists, leaving their own Permanent residence, cost a lot of money, take a plane or train to another place, the main purpose is to see the beautiful scenery, taste the food, and experience the local customs, tourists who spend three or four hours for virtual experience , generally not dominant.

  "In other words, the main consumer group of the current 'tourism + script killing' is still local consumers. Therefore, relevant companies must fully consider when investing in projects, and design project content that allows foreign tourists to come in, stay, and come back again. "Wang Tianxing said.

  He also emphasized that the key to the healthy, orderly and long-term development of script-killing tourism products is the script itself, and the biggest problem at present is the script itself.

"The script must be regularly updated according to the feedback of tourists and the preferences of consumers, so as to keep tourists fresh and enrich their travel experience." Wang Tianxing said.

  It is worth mentioning that this "Notice" strictly manages content, and requires that script entertainment business sites should adhere to the correct orientation, use healthy and positive script scripts, and encourage the use of script scripts that promote the main theme and spread positive energy.

At the same time, a content self-examination system should be established to conduct content self-examination of script scripts, performances, scenes, props, costumes, etc., to ensure that the content is legal.

The scripted entertainment activities in the scripted entertainment business premises shall not contain any content prohibited by laws and regulations such as the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Minors, the Regulations on the Administration of Entertainment Places, and the Regulations on the Administration of Commercial Performances.

  "For a long time, in practice, it has not been clear who will review the content of script killings. The "Notice" incorporates script killings into the track of standardized and legalized management, and the purpose is to promote the healthy development of this emerging business. In particular, it is clear The main responsibility of the enterprise's content self-examination is crucial to the healthy development of the script killing industry. However, if the enterprise itself has not properly studied the content prohibited in the "Regulations on the Administration of Entertainment Places" and "Regulations on the Management of Commercial Performances" In view of this, Wang Tianxing suggested that the cultural and tourism departments should not only carry out post-event filing, but also provide corresponding training and guidance to script killing enterprises in advance, so that enterprises can better understand the content of laws and regulations, According to the actual situation of the industry and the region, effectively and correctly review the content of the script.

  "These are inseparable from the timely interpretation, guidance and training by the competent authorities." Wang Tianxing said.

  Some data show that 75% of the players who kill the script are young people under the age of 30.

Therefore, high-quality scripts and high immersion experience are the core attractions of the script killing format.

  It should be noted that while the fast-developing script kills enriches the cultural and entertainment life of the people, there are also chaos such as copyright infringement and endangering the physical and mental health of young people.

The script killing industry urgently needs to solve the problems of poor script content, incorrect values, imitation and plagiarism, and high security risks caused by spontaneous "barbaric" growth.

  In order to ensure the standardized and legalized development of "tourism + script killing", Zhou Gangzhi suggested that people's governments at all levels strengthen administrative supervision, guide tourism operators to appropriately extend the industrial chain, strengthen the brand building of tourism destinations, and gradually bring them into the track of the rule of law.