"Literary and Art Stars Lectures Decoding the Light of Civilization" Issue 1

  The Beauty of Civilization Seeing the East丨Unlock the Life Guide of "Liangzhu People" 5,000 years ago

  People's Daily Online reporter Guo Guanhua

  Editor's note

  Recently, People's Daily Online launched a special program of "Decoding the Light of Civilization". It joined hands with Liangzhu Museum, Shaanxi Museum of Archaeology, Henan Museum, and Shanxi Museum to focus on the museum's characteristic cultural relics and the treasures of the town hall, and showcase the project of exploring the origin of Chinese civilization. 's results.

In this episode of the program, Huang Li, the vice president of Liangzhu Museum, the "relict interpreter", and Xi Muliang, the doctoral student of the School of Archaeology and Museology, Peking University, the "relics recommendation officer", will take you into the Liangzhu Museum to unlock the "Liangzhu Museum" five thousand years ago. Nagisa "Life Illustrated Guide.