Aichi Prefecture announced that it has been confirmed that 13,326 new people have been infected with the new coronavirus in the prefecture.

The number of new infections announced in the prefecture exceeded 13,000 for the second consecutive day, and the total number of confirmed infections reached 666,238.

Aichi Prefecture also announced that one infected person had died.

The number of infected people who died in Aichi Prefecture is 2,115.

Vaccination without reservation begins at the city's large-scale vaccination site

Inoculation without reservation began on the 21st at the large-scale inoculation site for the new coronavirus vaccine opened by Nagoya City on the 20th in a large commercial facility.

Vaccination without reservation was started at a large-scale vaccination site opened by Nagoya City on the 20th in the large commercial facility "AEON TOWN Arimatsu" in Midori Ward.

Inoculation without reservation means that citizens over the age of 18 are given not only the 4th inoculation but also the 3rd inoculation, and an inoculation ticket is required.

According to the city, this venue is open every day until the end of next month, and inoculation without reservation is from 21st to 30th of next month, from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, and on the 31st of next month, the last day. It means that it goes from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

A woman in her 60s who received the fourth vaccination said, "Today, I just received the vaccination ticket an hour ago. It's nice to be able to hit without a reservation."

Hiromasa Suzuki, Counselor of the Nagoya City New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Department, said, "Currently, the 4th inoculation is the main, but the 3rd inoculation is continuing, so I want the younger generation who have difficulty in planning to use it." increase.