Reporters experience multiple platforms to make appointments, and it is relatively difficult to make appointments for quadrivalent and nine-valent vaccines

High-priced HPV vaccine is still "hard to find"

  In March 2021, an obstetrician and gynecologist became the first recipient of the domestic bivalent HPV vaccine.

Photo by Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin

  As the world's first vaccine that can be used to prevent cancer, the HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine has attracted much attention since its birth.

Some people travel to and from Beijing several times from Wuxi, which is more than 1,100 kilometers away, to get vaccinated. Others worry that they will fly to Hong Kong to be vaccinated if they are too old. Others fall into the trap of "internal relations" and "special vaccines".

  Do I need to queue up for the HPV vaccine?

A reporter from the Beijing News consulted community health service centers, private hospitals, e-commerce, online platforms and other HPV vaccine appointment service channels and found that it is relatively easy to make an appointment for bivalent HPV vaccine. , generally can be reserved, and the quadrivalent and nine-valent vaccines need to queue for a long time.

  From Wuxi to Beijing, three round trips

  Recalling the experience of being vaccinated with the nine-valent HPV vaccine, Wang Zhuo, a teacher in a middle school in Wuxi, described it as "up and down".

  In 2020, Wang Zhuo is getting closer and closer to the age limit of 26, the age limit for people who are suitable for the nine-valent HPV vaccine, and she is getting more and more anxious.

  The HPV vaccine, also known as the cervical cancer vaccine, is the first vaccine proven to prevent cancer worldwide.

The HPV vaccine prices that have been marketed worldwide include bivalent, quadrivalent and 9-valent.

  Wang Zhuo first came into contact with the HPV vaccine in 2017. At that time, she was studying in the UK, and many students around her had been vaccinated with the nine-valent HPV vaccine.

At that time, she was not in a hurry. She felt that there was still time. This delay, three years have passed.

  "I didn't expect the nine-valent HPV vaccine to be so short. I was in Wuxi, and I called several community hospitals, but there were no vaccines. It might take a year or two if I waited in line, but I'd be overage! I'm not very worried about finding scalpers, so I sell them online. I don’t know if it’s true or not, and I’ve never heard of the names of many hospitals.” During that time, Wang Zhuo inquired about the nine-valent HPV vaccine, and she thought about going to Shanghai, not far from Wuxi, to get vaccinated. The price of three needles in a private hospital is more than 8,000 yuan, which is much more expensive than the price in Beijing.

In the end, Wang Zhuo decided to go to Beijing, where it was convenient to take the high-speed train and meet friends.

  In October 2020, Wang Zhuo grabbed the nine-valent HPV vaccine from Beijing United Family Hospital at a price of more than 5,000 yuan. Although it was more than 1,000 yuan more expensive than the community hospital, there was no need to wait in line for the vaccine.

A few days later, she received her first shot at a United Family Hospital in Beijing.

Subsequently, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Wang Zhuo, who should have received the second dose 2 months after the vaccination, was unable to arrive in Beijing.

"It was so easy that the epidemic passed, and I was told that it was out of stock. The package I bought can only be administered at the hospital where the first dose was given. I can only wait." In September 2021, Wang Zhuo will be 26 years old. It is unknown whether he will be able to complete the three-shot vaccination before his birthday.

She also asked the customer service, and the reply was that as long as three injections are completed within a year.

  In January 2021, Wang Zhuo finally received a notice from the hospital and rushed to Beijing to complete the second vaccination.

In July 2021, the third vaccination was also successfully completed.

"I spent a small amount of 10,000 yuan for the nine-valent vaccine." Wang Zhuo said that he is more willing to take HPV vaccine, which has a great influence on his friends and classmates.

Before Wang Zhuo purchased the nine-valent HPV vaccine package, two classmates in Beijing were waiting in line at the community hospital. Later, they purchased the package with her to complete the vaccination.

"There are several friends around me who bought it through scalpers. The price is close to 6,000 yuan, and only the first needle can be guaranteed."

  Another classmate of Wang Zhuo, Xin Yu, was not so lucky.

In 2020, Xinyu consulted the nine-valent HPV vaccine in her hometown in Northeast China, but she has not been able to get vaccinated because of the shortage.

In 2021, when Xinyu thought about getting the HPV vaccine again, she was over 26 years old, so she had to change to the quadrivalent HPV vaccine, but the quadrivalent HPV vaccine was not available.

Until now, Xinyu has not been vaccinated with the quadrivalent HPV vaccine.

  The price of nine is changed to the price of four, and the first needle is made in four years

  Speaking of the experience of HPV vaccination, Tang Ling (pseudonym), who works in an Internet company in Beijing, is quite helpless.

In 4 years, from the nine-valent HPV vaccine to the four-valent HPV vaccine, from Hong Kong to Beijing... It was not until April this year that Tang Ling received the first injection.

  On April 28, 2018, Tang Ling purchased a three-injection package for a nine-valent HPV vaccine in Hong Kong from the Ali Health platform at a price of less than 8,000 yuan.

On May 12, 2018, Tang Ling arrived in Hong Kong.

That night, Tang Ling heard the news that Merck's nine-valent HPV vaccine was cut off in Hong Kong.

  The next day, Tang Ling rushed to the hospital to make an appointment, and the answer was that the first shot was in stock, and the timing of the second and third shots was uncertain.

  According to public news reports, in May 2018, a number of medical institutions in Hong Kong said that they received an official notice from Merck to suspend the supply of the nine-valent HPV vaccine to Hong Kong from May 10, 2018 to December 31, 2019.

Merck told the media at the time that the move was not to stop the supply of the variety to Hong Kong, but to insufficient inventory due to limited productivity and growing market demand.

"It can only be regarded as a trip to Hong Kong. Those who should be refunded will be refunded, and those who should be compensated will be compensated." During this trip to Hong Kong, Tang Ling failed to get vaccinated. The platform finally refunded the vaccine package fee and compensated her. Hotel and airfare costs.

  In fact, on the same day that Tang Ling purchased the Hong Kong vaccination package, the State Food and Drug Administration conditionally approved the listing of Merck's nine-valent HPV vaccine, and the vaccination age is 16-26 years old.

At that time, the age group of nine-valent HPV vaccine in Hong Kong was 9-45 years old.

"Even if the mainland is approved for marketing, I can't get vaccinated because I am too old." Getting the HPV vaccine has become a major event in Tang Ling's mind.

  At the beginning of 2020, when the new crown pneumonia epidemic began, Tang Ling accompanied a friend to a private beauty hospital for beauty treatments. When she inadvertently mentioned the experience of HPV vaccination, the hospital staff said that the director had a "way" and could get nine prices from overseas. HPV vaccine, 15,000 yuan for three injections, only 30 places.

Considering the high price and doubts about whether the beauty hospital is qualified to vaccinate, Tang Ling did not buy it.

  In early November of the same year, Tang Ling accidentally saw the HPV vaccination package promotion booth, so she purchased a quadrivalent HPV vaccine package at a price of 2,719 yuan.

This time, too, it took a lot of trouble.

Three months after purchasing the package, she still failed to make an appointment for the first vaccination.

"The hospital told me that there has been a shortage of vaccines since the second half of November 2020. At that time, it was said that overseas vaccines could not come in." Since then, Tang Ling can only ask if there are vaccines at intervals.

  "If I can't make an appointment for vaccination, I'll be overage." In January this year, Tang Ling, who was still unable to make an appointment, became anxious.

In January this year, a staff member of a community health service center in Haidian District told the Beijing News that the bivalent HPV vaccine is relatively sufficient, and the quadrivalent and nine-valent HPV vaccines are still in short supply. There are also a lot of people, and we can only give priority to those who have already had needles." The staff member said.

  In April this year, Tang Ling made another phone call to make an appointment and completed the first injection of the quadrivalent HPV vaccine that month.

"It took so long, I really don't want to toss anymore, but I didn't expect to make an appointment."


  Some hospitals have to wait more than a year and a half for vaccinations

  Is the situation of Tang Ling and Wang Zhuo a case or a general phenomenon?

What is the status of HPV vaccine appointments in Beijing?

From the beginning of July to July 15, reporters from the Beijing News have experienced more than ten channels that can provide appointment vaccination services, including community health service centers, private hospitals, e-commerce platforms, etc. The appointment of domestic bivalent vaccines is relatively smooth, and imported vaccines need There is a certain waiting period, and the quadrivalent and nine-valent vaccines are more tense.

  In the face of reporters' inquiries, the staff of the No. 2 Community Health Service Center in Guanzhuang, Chaoyang District said that they can register first, and when they can be vaccinated, they need to wait for the center's telephone notification.

The staff also told reporters that the quadrivalent vaccine usually takes one and a half to two years to wait, and the waiting time for the imported bivalent vaccine is similar. The waiting time after registration is about a year and a half.

  The staff of the Longtan Community Health Service Center in Dongcheng District also said that they can make an appointment. "It has been a long time since the vaccine has come. The quadrivalent vaccine about 2019 has not yet been applied. It will take at least half a year to import the bivalent vaccine." As for Jiu Jiu At the time of vaccination of the vaccine, the staff replied "no game".

  At the Jinding Street Community Health Service Center in Shijingshan, the staff said that they had to go to the scene to find out about the waiting time.

Another community health service center in Shijingshan District, Pingguoyuan Community Health Service Center, said that the waiting time for the quadrivalent vaccine is "starting from one year", while the waiting time for the domestic bivalent vaccine is slightly shorter, usually about 3 months, and the waiting time for the imported bivalent vaccine is about 3 months. It will be longer, "It is hard to say the specific time, because the situation of the medicines (miao) is different; the nine-price is slightly better than the four-price, there are certain groups of people, and the range of the inoculated population is a little smaller, it is estimated that it will take 1 year, the specific time is all It's hard to say." The staff said.

  At the Yangfangdian Community Health Service Center in Haidian District, the waiting time was even longer.

The staff told reporters that the current batch of quadrivalent vaccine vaccinators were made in August 2020.

  In view of the waiting time, the staff of Longtan Community Health Service Center suggested that reporters can consult the situation in the outer suburbs such as Fangshan.

Staff at the Liangxiang Township Health Center in Fangshan District and the community health service center in Zhoukoudian Town, Fangshan District said that the quadrivalent and nine-valent vaccines are also out of stock.

"I'm making an appointment with the local people now, and I can't make an appointment if I don't live here. The medicine (miao) will notify you after the appointment, and I don't know how long it will take." A staff member of the Liangxiang Town Health Center in Fangshan District said.

  You can get the first shot the next day if you have a hospital appointment

  In addition to community health service centers, some online platforms can also provide HPV vaccine appointment services.

On the disease prevention information and service platform "About Miao", users can directly select outpatient clinics and vaccine types to make time-sharing appointments.

In the case of lack of seedlings, you can choose to subscribe to the seedling notification. After the outpatient service arrives at the seedling, the seedling notification will be sent to the seedling appointment platform.

  According to the About Miao platform, a total of 17 medical institutions in Beijing can provide 9-valent vaccination services, 13 hospitals show no vaccines, 4 hospitals can make appointments, and the first injection can be vaccinated within 2 days.

On July 12, the reporter logged on to the platform and saw that the first injection in Beijing Angel Maternity Hospital can be reserved for vaccination as soon as July 13, and the appointment dates for the second and third injections show that the appointment is full. The cost of vaccination is 5980 yuan.

  Beijing Liying Maternity Hospital's nine-valent HPV vaccination fee is 6180 yuan package (including vaccine + physical examination).

The information on July 12 shows that the earliest appointment for the first needle can be made on July 14.

  In contrast, the situation for quadrivalent vaccines is not optimistic.

On the About Miao platform, all 14 hospitals in Beijing are out of stock.

  In terms of imported bivalent vaccines, only 1 out of 10 hospitals in Beijing has stocks.

In terms of domestic bivalent vaccines, 10 of the 15 hospitals in Beijing are in stock, and the appointment date for vaccination is also relatively short.

According to the information on July 12, in Baiziwan Hemei Women's and Children's Hospital, users of domestic bivalent HPV vaccine can book a 3-injection package (1512 yuan), or 1 injection (504 yuan), and the fastest appointment can be made on July 13. .

  The data provided by Yuemiao shows that in the first half of this year, the platform provided nearly 13,000 HPV vaccine appointment services in Beijing, with the most nine-valent HPV vaccines.

In terms of subscriptions, in the first half of this year, 248,000 people in Beijing have subscribed to HPV vaccine information, and the nine-valent HPV vaccine is the most at 150,000.

In 2021, the platform will provide Beijing with nearly 20,000 HPV vaccine appointment services, with nearly 400,000 subscriptions.

  "It can be seen from the subscription data that the demand for HPV vaccines is strong, and most institutions cannot maintain the status of 'frequently available vaccines', especially the nine-valent HPV vaccine." The staff related to the vaccine told the Beijing News reporter that in the first half of this year, the The platform provided HPV vaccine appointment services for nearly 2.6 million times, with the bivalent HPV vaccine booking the most, nearly 1.8 million times; HPV vaccine-related subscriptions exceeded 28 million times, and the nine-valent HPV vaccine accounted for the highest proportion, exceeding 18 million times.

  The e-commerce platform collects the money first, and does not promise a specific time

  On the e-commerce platform, there are also many institutions that can provide appointment services.

On a platform called Olive Branch Health Flagship Store on Taobao, bivalent vaccines can be ordered from multiple options of designated hospitals and non-designated hospitals.

Among them, the hospitals that can be designated include Beijing Anqi Maternity Hospital (2600 yuan for imported spot, 1512 yuan for domestic spot) and Baiziwan Hemei Women and Children's Hospital (2980 yuan for imported appointment, 1980 yuan for domestic spot), if no hospital is designated, it shows the expected 1- 3 months.

  The store customer service said that it will be faster to mark the spot on the page, and it is expected that the vaccination will be contacted within 2-4 weeks.

Orders are valid for 90 days and can be refunded in full until the first dose is given.

The price of three shots of the quadrivalent vaccine is 4,760 yuan, and the estimated queue time is 1-3 months.

The customer service of the store said that the four-price is a pre-sale order. After placing the order, help make an appointment by phone within the specified time, and a full refund is successful without an appointment.

The price of the nine-valent vaccine "immediately available" is 5,660 yuan, and the price of "30-day appointment" is 5,570 yuan.

  How long does it take to make an appointment now?

The customer service said that it is "quick", and the spot will be contacted by phone within the specified time, without giving a specific time limit.

As for how long it will take to be vaccinated within 30 days, the customer service said that it can be vaccinated in about 30 days.

  There is a flagship store called Rainbow Parenting on Taobao. The nine-valent vaccine product page in Beijing is marked with "spot 15 days" and "spot 30 days", and the four prices are pre-sale.

When asking the customer service about how long it will take to be vaccinated, the customer service said that the estimated injection time is indicated on the product page, but it does not promise that the specific arrival time will be on schedule, nor does it promise the specific injection time.

  Judging from the situation of many stores, it is relatively easy to make an appointment for the domestic bivalent vaccine, but the specific time cannot be given for the appointment of the quadrivalent and nine-valent vaccine.

  In addition, the reporter also learned from some medical centers and other institutions that can provide HPV vaccine appointment and vaccination services, HPV vaccine appointments are also relatively tight.

  At the press conference held by the National Health and Health Commission on May 30 this year, Wang Linhong, chairman of the Women's Health Branch of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association and chief expert on chronic diseases of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that according to the data of the national routine immunization report, the number of people in the country from 2018 to 2020 , the number of HPV vaccinations has increased year by year, from 3.417 million doses in 2018 to 12.279 million doses in 2020.

Overall, the HPV vaccine is still in short supply, with a large number of school-age women, and the HPV vaccination rate is relatively low.


  Watch out for these appointment traps!

  The difficulty of HPV vaccine appointment is a problem that has received widespread attention in recent years. Many people are eager to get vaccinated, and criminals have also taken advantage of the loophole to commit fraud on the grounds that they can make appointments and rob HPV vaccines.

A reporter from the Beijing News combed the traps of "HPV vaccine appointment" in recent years and found that scammers mainly used the following methods to defraud.

  The scammers released information about making appointments and robbing HPV vaccines through social platforms such as Moments, Weibo, and Xiaohongshu, claiming that "there is an internal relationship, and a full refund can be obtained if the appointment is not made" to attract victims to contact them.

Some scammers will ask the victim to pay the appointment fee and obtain their identity information. The scammer will send the victim a false text message that the appointment is successful, and then ask the victim to pay the full amount.

Then, the victim was asked to transfer money multiple times for reasons such as "account freeze", "operation error", "no remarks information", and "payment overtime".

  Send a text message directly to the victim that the vaccine appointment is successful, and provide a link in the text message to go through the vaccination procedures. When the victim clicks the link, the customer service will ask him to fill in the vaccine appointment information and pay the vaccine fee to the designated account.

The victim only found out that he had been deceived when he went for vaccination according to the time and address on the successful appointment text message.

After the victim clicked the link in the text message, he was informed by the "customer service" that he had made an appointment and asked him to complete the payment as soon as possible. After the payment, the "customer service" would ask for another transfer on the grounds of "the money has not arrived", etc. .

  Police in many places have issued reminders to "beware of HPV vaccination appointment scams":

  Vaccine reservations must be made through official channels. Remember not to blindly trust information such as vaccine reservations, let alone transfer deposits and reservation fees to so-called "intermediaries".

  When vaccinating, you should go to a regular medical institution for vaccination, let alone buy "special vaccines" cheaply.

  If you receive a text message about the success of the vaccine appointment, you can call the relevant phone for verification. If you are not sure, you can ask the police for help.

  Under any circumstances, do not easily transfer money to strangers. Those who directly transfer money in private transactions must be vigilant. In case of fraud, please call 110 in time or report to the nearest police station.

  Written by version B02-B08 / Beijing News reporter Wang Kara, Zhang Xiulan, Liu Xu