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Camilla Parker Bowles's life has moved forward with the serenity that slow cooking demands.

She loved at the wrong time and against the current,

sensing that only her obstinacy would make her undefeated.

That's how it went.

Methodical, diligent, affectionate and endearing.

These are qualities that were imposed on an image of abhorrent lover and citizen repudiated by much of the country.

For each page of the calendar that fell, she rose one more step.

Today, July 17, she turns 75 with the

express will of the sovereign Elizabeth II to become queen consort

when her son accedes to the British throne.

It is much more than what was achieved by her husband, Felipe Edinburgh.

He stayed prince and used this condition to spend the day grumbling about having to walk three more steps behind.

By an ancient Anglo-Saxon tradition, only the king's wife is queen consort and this was ratified by the current monarch on the eve of her jubilee.

a crowned future

Until the sovereign made the decision, there was a premonition that this unwritten rule would be broken and Camilla would be princess consort, especially so as not to provoke an affront to Diana's memory.

However, the Duchess of Cornwall

will be crowned alongside Charles of England at Westminster Abbey.

The thought of her fills her with excitement and she begins to get used to being asked about it on her visits.

And if until now she has been educating herself as the wife of Charles of England with exasperating British phlegm to win popular sympathy, the last stretches that one day will take her to her coronation ceremony are proving galloping.

They barely let her blink.

Camilla and Carlos have lived a love story that has lasted 55 years. Gtres

His presence is increasing, as is the affection he receives, a hard-earned privilege.

She recently accompanied the Prince of Wales to an event in support of Ukraine and couldn't help tears as she heard the first-person accounts.

That day he privately donated a 'substantial' sum of money to Ukrainian refugees.

These are details with which

he has conquered citizen fervor and royal favor.

If there was a time when her figure shook the foundations of this long-standing monarchy, today she enjoys a position of absolute comfort and her performance as future queen consort is impeccable.

The mother-in-law relationship

The daughter-in-law follows the path that the sovereign is tracing for her and a mutual appreciation has emerged.

Even in her image, the Duchess of Cornwall

has been soaking up the peculiar style of Elizabeth II,

with headdresses, hats and color sets, although the mother-in-law is usually several shades ahead of her.

Symptom of this good harmony is her recent appointment as Royal Lady of the Garter, the most distinguished order of chivalry in the United Kingdom.

No one would have thought that

April 9, 2005,

when the couple said yes I do at Windsor Castle, that the sovereign would put the culmination of her platinum jubilee by announcing this turn in her daughter-in-law's future and expressing to the people her wish sincere that both his son Carlos and his wife Camilla receive the same support that they have given her.

The gesture moved and honored the couple.

The shadows

The other side of the story requires pointing out and exposing some details, such as the possibility that there is a pact that could commit Prince Charles to an

early abdication of his son William.

Nor should we forget some domestic issues, such as those that concern Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle or the delicate position of Prince Andrew.

The warmth that has been evolving in Camilla will be positive in helping Carlos weather these things that Queen Elizabeth has allowed herself to balance her heart of mater amabilis with her sovereign duty.

Finally, we must not lose sight of the fact that 43% of young British people think that the Head of State should be decided at the polls.

Prince Charles and Camilla with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Sussex.Getty

A long and convulsive love

The honors that Camilla is receiving for her 75th birthday are the unequivocal sign of a love that has lasted

55 years, much of it in hiding.

They fell in love at a polo match when she was barely 20 years old.

Even once her courtship was uncorked, she always had to live under the shadow of Lady Di, her beloved princess.

She had to put up with being called old, a witch, ugly and the cause of her misery.

The road to acceptance has been rocky.

In an interview that she recently gave from Clarence House, her residence, the Duchess of Cornwall outlined some details that allow her to get an idea of ​​that mature love that even her age has not managed to reduce.

They enjoy common hobbies and interests, get together every afternoon for tea, and ensure that there is always

a moment of intimacy in their hectic schedules.

Her spontaneity and her propensity for contagious laughter complement her husband's more punctilious and timid character.

Her five teenage grandchildren add to her happiness.

In the tributes that she attends on the occasion of her anniversary, she is surrounded by well-known faces of British society, such as the 85-year-old poet Roger McGough, who, at a lunch at the exclusive National Liberal Club in London, dedicated some verses that he titled 'The Living Proof'.

She responded by recalling the life philosophy she learned from her father-in-law, Philip of Edinburgh:

"Look up and look out; talk less, do more, and get the job done."

Naming him as her beacon in her long journey is a gesture that exalts her.

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