Ashton Kutcher officiated at the wedding of two YouTube stars.

Last month, PK Creedon and Mike van Reekum said "yes" in front of the actor during an intimate ceremony of which they unveiled some images on their networks and on YouTube.

"I can't believe we're married!"

I'm still crying tears of joy.

Love is love and love wins!

Happy Pride month.

It finally happened!!

“wrote PK Creedon in the caption of a montage that gives an overview of the most beautiful day of the life of the two lovebirds.

Taylor Lautner present

"Your vows rocked the house guys," Ashton Kutcher can be heard saying at one point in the footage.

As such, the actor who has not yet commented on his participation in the ceremony was not the only star present since Taylor Lautner was one of the guests, as this acrobatic sequence proves!

And to know why Ashton Kutcher was kind enough to officiate at the wedding of PK Creedon and Mike van Reekum, it is because the latter has been his executive assistant since 2014 as mentioned on his LinkedIn page.


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