As the infection of the new coronavirus continues to spread rapidly in Shimane Prefecture, about 100 staff members will support some of the operations of the health center, which is under tight work, from the 8th.

In Shimane Prefecture, on the 5th of this month, the number of infections was confirmed to be 753, which was the highest number ever announced on the 1st, and since then, the number has remained around 600 and the infection has continued to spread rapidly.

In particular, at the Izumo Health Center, where the number of infected people is rapidly increasing, 50 staff members have been providing additional support since the 5th of this month, but about 100 staff members have been at the prefectural office since the 8th. We will support a part of the work of the health center.

At the briefing session for the staff in charge, the person in charge of the Prefectural Health and Welfare Department said, "I want to work together to restore the function of the health center as soon as possible to protect the health of patients and deliver peace of mind." I greeted you.

The staff involved in the response will ask the person who has been confirmed to be infected with basic information such as chronic illness and the status of family examinations.

Toru Okuhara, Chief of the Prefectural Health and Welfare General Affairs Division, said, "There are still a large number of patients under the jurisdiction of the Izumo Health Center, and the situation is extremely difficult. I want to do it. "