Almost without exception, the most valuable companies listed on the stock exchange in the world are Internet companies: Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, followed a little behind by the car manufacturer Tesla and, due to the recent price movements, at the top is the state oil company Saudi Aramco.

German corporations are missing from this list of the hundred most valuable listed companies.

Alexander Armbruster

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Mark Fehr

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Carsten Knop


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Why is that?

Why are economies like France, Great Britain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark represented there, some of which are significantly smaller than Germany?

Have our corporations missed the technological connection?

Luckily it's not that simple.

Because in the end it is about more than stock market values ​​and there are important criteria that continue to be correct.

What is missing?

What do we need to get better at?

Which challenges are the most difficult?

That's not the only thing we talk about in this episode.