China News Service, Guangzhou, July 7th: The Pearl River Committee immediately moved to conduct a strict investigation and supervision to build a defense line in the watershed when it heard the flood.

  China News Service reporter Wang Jian

  Since mid-June, due to the continuous large-scale heavy rainfall, large floods have occurred in the Pearl River Basin, and the flood control situation has become complicated and urgent.

In Feilaixia Town, Qingyuan City, it rained heavily and the disaster was serious; in Yangshuo County, Guilin City, the rainstorm poured, bridges were flooded, and vehicles could not pass...

  In order to do a good job in the prevention of heavy rain and floods, in accordance with the general deployment of the Ministry of Water Resources and the Pearl River Water Conservancy, the Pearl River Water Conservancy Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources (hereinafter referred to as the "Pearl River Commission") dispatched an inspection team to Guangdong and Guangxi to carry out unannounced flood control visits, and other clear investigations dispatched by the Ministry of Water Resources. Form a joint force, compress and compact local flood control responsibilities, and urge the implementation of various flood control measures.

  Flood situation is an order, and flood control is a responsibility.

After receiving the flood control order from the Pearl River Defence General Office, the Pearl River Committee immediately organized the capable forces of the Supervision Office, Hydrology Bureau, Xijiang Bureau, and Technology Center, and quickly assembled and established two professional supervision teams covering hydrological forecasting, engineering operation, and mountain torrent disaster prevention. Flood control line.

The rise in the water level of the Pearl River has caused flooding in some sections along the river in Guangzhou. Photo courtesy of Guangzhou Water Affairs Bureau

  According to statistics, from June 14 to 21, the working group went to 10 counties (districts) in 7 cities and 7 cities in Guangxi and Guangdong provinces (autonomous regions) to inspect 11 reservoirs, 7 dyke and industrial sections, and 3 sluice gates. , 13 mountain torrent disaster monitoring and early warning platforms, and 31 monitoring sites, in-depth inspection of relevant reservoirs, sluices, dykes and dykes, operation management and implementation of safety flood control responsibilities, reservoir flood control scheduling and flood season limit water level implementation, mountain torrent disaster monitoring and early warning, group monitoring The operation of the mass defense system, the transfer of personnel to avoid danger, the implementation of flood control measures such as emergency material preparation, on-duty duty, and response and disposal, on-site feedback on problems found during inspections, and on-site assistance and guidance for rectification.

  In cooperation with the working group, the inspection team adhered to the problem-oriented approach, went straight to the areas where the flood situation was urgent and severely affected, carried out unannounced flood control visits in a strict and meticulous manner, and guided the localities to eliminate potential flood control safety hazards.

  In Feilaixia Town, Qingyuan City, the Guangdong team marched in the rain to inspect the safe operation of Dachangwei and Jiangzui embankments in the flood storage and detention area of ​​the Wujiang River, and went to the seriously flooded Jiangkou community to check the work related to flood control and preparation. , to assist the grass-roots cadres to set up a temporary water retaining weir at an elevation of 20 meters to resist the upcoming Beijiang flood at night.

  In Yangshuo County, Guilin City, the Guangxi group abandoned the car, waded into the water, rushed to the dangerous section of the Yulong River treatment project in Baisha Town in the rain to check the danger and water level, promptly reported the problems found to the place, and assisted in guiding the disposal of dangerous situations. Provide strong support for floods.

  During the flood control unannounced visit, the inspection team worked overtime every day until the early morning to extensively collect local flood conditions, dangers, disasters, engineering scheduling and defense work dynamics, efficiently sort out and summarize the problems found during the inspection on the day, and timely put forward flood control opinions and suggestions to ensure the first report to the first. The first-hand front-line information provides important support for the daily flood control consultations of the Pearl River Defence General Office, and wins more initiative for flood control scheduling, risk investigation and risk elimination, and personnel transfer.

  The Pearl River Committee revealed that in the next step, the committee's flood control unannounced inspection team will continue to adhere to the first priority of flood prevention and flood control, continue to in-depth sort out weak points, check risk points, solve hidden dangers, and do a good job of reservoirs, sluices, sluices and sluices from an early stage. The safe operation of dikes, the prevention of mountain torrent disasters and other flood control unannounced visits and inspections provide strong supervision and guarantee for winning the tough battle of flood control and flood control.