Solène Delinger 11:32 a.m., July 07, 2022

Too many investigations, too much suspense and too much blood on France Télévisions?

In a report, the Union of directors and directors denounces a far too high rate of detective fiction broadcast on France TV.

"An unfair trial of intention" according to Anne Holmès, the director of programs invited in "Culture media" on Europe 1. 

Anne Holmès does not consider that there is "too much detective fiction" on France TV.

The Union of directors and directors has nevertheless made its calculations and denounced, in a report, a far too high rate of detective fiction broadcast on France TV.

Last year, 85% of the fictions broadcast in the first and second part of the evening on the public service were detective fictions.

Well beyond the rates of other channels: 11% on TF1, 3% on Arte and only 1% on M6. 

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The public service mission "is assured" on France TV

"I find that this trial of intention is unfair because, in fact, the public watches the thriller", declares Anne Holmès at the microphone of Olivier Benkemoun in

Culture media


"So we can't criticize the public for looking at the detective. Are you criticizing a bookseller who has three shelves on detective novels and one shelf on novels? No".

For Anne Holmès, the assertion that detective fiction would take up too much space is "false".

The director of programs lists programs far from the thriller, broadcast on France TV: "

The island of 30 coffins, The almost perfect love, The elementary particles, Madame Bovary

... This is the mission of the public service. I think that 'it is assured in terms of fiction'.