As the effects of the new coronavirus continue to rise and prices continue to rise, support groups in each region respond to various concerns such as loneliness and isolation free of charge, and telephone consultations are being held nationwide.

This telephone consultation has been conducted by the government's loneliness and isolation countermeasures office since the 7th.

Support groups from all over the country who are active in various fields such as loneliness, isolation, poor living, DV and sexual violence are participating, and depending on the content, they will be connected to specialized groups.

At the office of an NPO corporation in Shibuya, Tokyo, I am in charge of mental care, and I receive a consultation from a woman in her 50s saying, "I live alone in a facility, but my parents are lonely." The scholar listened carefully.

According to the government, while the Korona-ka has been prolonged and the number of people who feel lonely and isolated is increasing, soaring prices are increasing anxiety about life, and there is a risk that worries will become more serious.

The government will hold telephone consultations three times within the year, including this time, analyze the results, and aim for permanent operation from next year onwards.

Telephone consultation will be provided free of charge 24 hours a day until 10:00 am on the 14th next week, and the telephone number will be "# 9999".