China News Service, Beijing, July 7th (Liu Yue) Some time ago, the costume drama "Menghualu" ended.

In addition to the ups and downs of the career line and the lingering love scene, the sisterhood of Zhao Paner, Sun Sanniang, and Song Yinzhang in the play is also quite interesting. The spirit of mutual assistance between the three of them has infected many people.

Among them, Liu Yan, who played "Sun Sanniang", changed her screen image in the past, which made many audiences shine.

"Menghualu" stills.

Source: Liu Yan Weibo

  What happened to Sun Sanniang in "Menghualu" is embarrassing.

Her husband betrayed her heart, and her son became a thief as his mother.

After being rescued by Zhao Pan'er, Sanniang finally earned her own phoenix crown, and achieved an inspirational counter-attack life.

  In Liu Yan's view, the trick to grasping characters lies in "empathy" and "substitution".

She felt sorry for Sanniang's experience and sympathized with the tragic fate of women in the feudal era: "In the Song Dynasty, women could only rely on their husbands or sons to earn phoenix crowns for themselves. At that time, she was more dependent on the family, but she was betrayed by the family. All the hard work and love went to waste."

  Jingchai cloth skirt, a little makeup, and giving up her obsession with beauty and figure are Liu Yan's first step into the role.

She said that actors should try to fit the characters and characters as much as possible, including the appearance.

"Because Sanniang is the oldest among the three sisters, she is always busy in the kitchen, so she must give up her obsession with beauty and figure. Sanniang is infinitely powerful, you can't be very slender, Sanniang is busy in the kitchen, you There can't be that kind of fancy dress, you'll always be a uniform, a work uniform."

"Menghualu" stills.

Source: Liu Yan Weibo

  Liu Yan is a typical experiential performance style, pure and true.

After achieving the shape fit, she tried to immerse herself in the character to achieve the effect of resonating with the character's soul.

Liu Yan believes that no matter which dynasty, the emotions of the characters are common.

Sanniang's kindness and righteousness, Sanniang's hardships and bitterness, and even Sanniang's experience of wandering from Qiantang to the capital, all made Liu Yan feel the same.

  "I was a 'Jing drifter' from a small city to Beijing, and Sanniang also drifted from Qiantang to Tokyo (Kaifeng). We have a mental journey to work hard together." Liu Yan recalled the life of Bei drifting with emotion: "It was a particularly bitter time. Just moving, I remember when I was renting and moving, it was changed according to the company's address, and the rented houses were all 10 minutes away from the company, because this way I could arrive in time at the first time. Any producer or program needs When I show up, I can show up right away."

  "Dare to think, dare to fight, never give up" is Sun Sanniang's character keyword, and Liu Yan at that time also worked hard for his acting dream.

When she was just starting out, she even had to record 10 programs a day, and traveled to different places: "Go to Wangfujing or a record store, and host their record conference for singers. At that time, there was a traffic jam, and I had to grab a car from fans, so I would sit The subway, and then wearing high-heeled shoes, too late to change into casual clothes, wearing heavy makeup and wearing a small dress, running barefoot on Wangfujing Street."

Liu Yan's photo.

Source: Liu Yan Weibo

  In addition to life experience and fighting spirit, Liu Yan has the same tenacity as Sanniang, soft on the outside and firm on the inside, transparent and clear.

Talking about the bitter past in the newcomer stage, what she shows is not cynicism or self-pity, but open-mindedness, optimism and gratitude.

  She was often frustrated when she was just starting out. She was grateful that she had met noble people: "My noble people are countless seniors who helped me, and countless Bole people who gave me opportunities."

  Floating in Beijing without roots, she is grateful for the opportunity brought by moving: "Don't say, I rent or move, which has won me a lot of job opportunities."

  In the face of the Internet hot stalk of "Swallow, how can I live without you", she did not impose moral judgment on the character, but deconstructed the character with kindness: "Yanzi is not such a ruthless and unlucky person. After I sorted out her emotions, I told the director , Swallow loved him (pig's head)."

  Along the way, Liu Yan has also faced many controversies.

Regarding the evaluation of "vase role" and "beautiful route", she did not hide it, and responded calmly: "Many of the roles I received before were all that needed to be glamorous and beautiful, but they were not necessarily vases. If you go to archaeology You will find that I have some acting skills in it."

"Menghualu" stills.

Source: Liu Yan Weibo

  When it comes to the issue of transformation that is often talked about, Liu Yan takes "Sun Sanniang" as an example: "If you don't want to be fixed in one type of role, you have to find breakthroughs and play some roles with relatively large contrast. Sun Sanniang is a pig butcher. Appearance is as a wife, there is a certain contrast. If I control it well, everyone can see the intentions of my performance."

  "My character and Sanniang are both 'Desperate Sanniang', that is, they keep running on the road of their own life, they can't stop, and there is no way to stop."

  The girl who used to run on the streets of Beijing with high heels and long hair blown by the evening wind may not have imagined that, just like this, the little-known newcomer has become a nationally renowned host, and now has a strong reputation. A representative, real actor.

  Take a low-key transformation of the characters, and dare to fight without fear of controversy.

"Meng Hualu" made Liu Yan hand in a high score answer sheet, and also made the audience who love her look forward to what kind of future this "desperate Sanniang" in reality will run towards.

Liu Yan's photo.

Source: Liu Yan Weibo

Interview with X Liu Yan

China News Service: What kind of person do you think Sun Sanniang is?

How do you feel about the character transformation?

Liu Yan:

I think Sanniang is the strongest girlfriend and the best partner.

She and the three sisters Zhao Pan'er and Song Yinzhang traveled from Qiantang all the way to Tokyo. It was because of the inseparable triangular relationship and the cooperative relationship that they could open the largest restaurant in Tokyo and make a career.

She is an integral part of the triangular partnership.

  In the Song Dynasty, women could only rely on their husbands or sons to earn phoenix crowns for themselves.

Because Shi, Nong, Industry and Commerce want to change their destiny and future, reading is the only way out.

Sanniang always wanted her son to study hard. At that time, she depended on the family, but was betrayed by the family, and all her hard work and love went to waste.

"Menghualu" stills.

Source: Liu Yan Weibo

  So when she threw herself into the river and was rescued, there was a major transformation.

After she woke up, what Pan'er said seemed plain, but very powerful: "Your name is Sun Sanniang, and it's not just Fu Zifang's mother."

You are an independent person, not dependent on others to survive in the world, you should think about yourself and grow up independently.

  Since then, Sun Sanniang has undergone tremendous changes.

She started her own business and eventually married autonomously.

The first marriage is up to my parents, and the second marriage is up to me. Even my son can't interfere in my marriage.

Not only will I not feel that I am unworthy of the other party, but I will raise my head high, marry myself out in a glorious way, and earn a phoenix crown for myself.

Sanniang promised these rhetoric, and when she finally did it, my blood was boiling and I was very moved. How did you manage your acting skills in the role of Sun Sanniang?

Liu Yan:

When actors play roles, they do not think about how to highlight their superb acting skills, but try to fit the role as much as possible, including appearance.

Sanniang is the eldest of the three sisters. She is always busy in the kitchen and must give up her obsession with beauty and body.

Sanniang is infinitely powerful and cannot be very slender; Sanniang is busy in the back kitchen, so it is impossible to have that kind of fancy clothes, it will always be uniforms and work clothes.

  After the shape fits, it is necessary to find resonance in the characters' emotions.

No matter which dynasty, the emotions of the characters are common. When you show the emotional changes and growth of each scene, and put yourself in the role, you are already Sanniang, and you can play it right.

"Menghualu" stills.

Source: Liu Yan Weibo What resonates with you about this character?

Liu Yan:

The first is the process of growth.

I am a "Jing drifter" from a small city to Beijing, and Sanniang also drifted from Qiantang to Tokyo. We have a mental journey of working together.

There will be many setbacks in the process of starting a business, but we also have nobles to help: Sanniang’s nobles are Gu Qianfan and two sisters, and my nobles are countless Boles who helped my seniors and gave me opportunities.

Sanniang and I are both "desperate Sanniang": dare to think, dare to fight, never give up.

(Was there any particularly sad time in Beijing at that time?)

Liu Yan:

When it is particularly bitter, it is moving.

No matter how big the house is, people will have feelings after living in one place for a long time.

At that time, I had a lot of work every day. When I got home, I only needed a bed to sleep in. There was no concept of home at all, it was just a rental house.

I used to move to different places constantly, because renting and moving had to change according to the company's address.

I live just 10 minutes from the company, and that's the only way I can be there as soon as possible, and when any producer or show needs me, I'll be there right away.

  Don't tell me, I rented or moved, which won me a lot of job opportunities.

"Menghualu" stills.

Source: Liu Yan Weibo There is a particularly popular joke on the Internet, "

Swallow, how can I live without you

", this is the part of the pig head chasing the car in "Passing by Your World".

Have you seen people playing this trick on the Internet yourself?

How do you feel?

Liu Yan:

Maybe everyone thinks "Swallow, how can I live without you" is a stalk, but this was the only scene I cried when I received "Passing Through Your World".

  At that time, Xiao Yueyue (Yue Yunpeng) and I were filming "Havoc in Tianzhu", and at the same time, I flew from India to Chongqing to film "Passing Through Your World".

"Pig Head" Yue Yunpeng is making a movie for the first time. I told him a little bit like a senior, the most important thing for you is this scene.

He was worried that he would not be able to cry, and I told him that crying was not the most important thing, but empathy.

  I said, if you are not in the state, I will accompany you to perform over and over again, and run over and over again, there is no problem at all.

  Later, Yue Yunpeng's scene was very good, and he thanked me many times during the interview.

Actors need to achieve each other, and he does it well.

You think it's a meme, but in our hearts it's actually a classic clip.

Screenshot of Liu Yan's Weibo

(If the swallow were you, how would you respond to the pig's head?)

Liu Yan:

If the swallow was me, I would also respond to the pig head.

In fact, we have made some adjustments in the script: "Pig's head, 200,000 I will definitely return it to you as soon as possible" is a word I added myself.

  Yanzi is not such a ruthless person.

After sorting out her emotions, I discussed with the director and said that Yanzi loved him, and the director agreed with me.

No matter how the outside world thinks they don't match, but they once fell in love with each other, and it is only after the changes in their life plans and experiences that they have to be separated.

  If Yanzi is such a merciless person, she doesn't need to say goodbye to Zhutou face to face.

After I sorted out my emotions, I thought Yanzi was right.

During the show, I also added my own thoughts.

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