• Vaccination This is how Health justifies postponing the anti-Covid booster dose of those over 80 years of age to autumn

  • Omicron BA.2.75 variants, more ability to 'escape' from vaccines

The coronavirus seemed like something from the past, and in our lives only a few points of hydroalcoholic gel, stickers on the floor asking to keep a safe distance and a couple of boxes of masks that we barely remember where they are remained as witnesses of those times of pandemic.

But when the whole country had its sights set on the summer holidays,

the increase in infections and hospitalizations of the seventh wave


the shadow of doubt about the return to mandatory masks

awakens us to the reality of a virus that resists stop mutating and lose strength.

Mandatory masks, yes or no?

Let's not fool ourselves,

returning to the mandatory mask indoors with the summer just opened

, in such a promising tourism recovery season, is an

unpopular measure

that would also give the image that Spain is not a safe tourist destination from the point of view of the coronavirus, so most likely we will not see a turning back on this.

Another different thing is what

we citizens should do


And here the recommendation of most toilets, including myself, is that

we use it again in poorly ventilated interiors, at least until this wave subsides


I especially include in this measure vulnerable people or those who live with them, since they are the ones who end up paying for the increase in infections.

If I am positive, do I have to quarantine?

According to the Coronavirus Control and Surveillance Strategy of the Ministry of Health, confirmed cases and their close contacts are exempt from quarantine.

This does not mean that normal life can be led, since

social activity and contacts, especially with vulnerable people, must be reduced.

This will be maintained

for up to ten days after the positive test


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After the seventh wave, these are the three future scenarios for Covid

  • Drafting: ROCÍO R. GARCÍA-ABADILLOMadrid

After the seventh wave, these are the three future scenarios for Covid

BA.4 and BA.5.

More likely to reinfect, more transmissible and elusive to vaccines

  • Drafting: PILAR PÉREZMadrid

More likely to reinfect, more transmissible and elusive to vaccines

Do I take a test?

If you have mild symptoms and you are under 60 years of age

, it is most likely that you will no longer undergo any type of diagnostic test at your health center, neither antigen tests nor PCR.

If this happens, what is recommended from the point of view of individual responsibility and especially if you have contact with vulnerable people, is

to go to a pharmacy and buy an antigen test for less than three euros


The sale of these tests has shot up 119% compared to June, another indicator that the number of infections in this seventh wave is very high.

I already passed Covid19, can I get it again?

Yes, even if his infection was due

to omicron at the end of last year.

In addition to

"the silent wave"

, it has also been dubbed "the wave of reinfections" since a good part of the positives are people who had already had the disease.

When will this wave subside?

In reality

, we do not know the real scope of this seventh wave

, since in this trend towards the flu of Covid-19, positive cases have stopped being reported in people under 60 years of age.

This means that we do not know the real number of infected people in Spain, and

our only indicator is the number of hospitalized patients

and the number of infections in the elderly.

Data that has not stopped rising day by day for weeks and

everything indicates that the peak of cases is not close, not before mid-July.

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