On the 7th, Governor Koike of Tokyo also said, "It is thought that we have entered the 7th wave."

The number of newly infected people with the new coronavirus was 8529 in Tokyo, 2.4 times the previous week.

There were 47,977 people nationwide, which is more than double the previous week.

(As of 7:30 pm)

The number of patients complaining of fever is increasing rapidly at medical institutions, and they are busy responding.

We have summarized the movements of Japan and the world regarding the new coronavirus.

Expert "Facing a rapid spread of infection"

Tokyo, where the number of confirmed infections on the 7th was 8529.

The average for 7 days up to 7th was 5127.7, which has exceeded 5,000 since April 28th.

On the 7th, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government held a monitoring meeting in which experts analyze and evaluate the infection situation and medical care provision system in Tokyo.

If it increases at this pace, it will reach more than 15,000 as of the 20th of this month, and more than 54,000 as of the 3rd of next month, he said, "in the face of rapid spread of infection."

Among the Omicron strains, the proportion of viruses suspected of being "BA.5", which is said to be more infectious, is increasing, and replacement is progressing.

In addition to preparing to increase the number of beds for patients with the new Corona, which currently has about 5,000 beds, the policy is to expand the number of accommodation facilities to prevent infection at home to about 12,000, which is 3,000 more than now. Revealed.

Governor Koike, Tokyo "It is thought that we have entered the 7th wave."

After the meeting, Governor Koike of Tokyo told reporters, "The infection is spreading rapidly, and it is thought that we have entered the 7th wave. I would like to ask you to take thorough infection control measures again with a strong sense of caution. ".

He added, "I want young people to get a third vaccination. I want the country to have an environment where notified people and health care workers can get a fourth vaccination." ..

The number of patients in the fever outpatient department increases rapidly. Reservation slots are filled every day.

Infected people who continue to increase nationwide.

At the clinic that has opened a new corona fever outpatient clinic in Chuo-ku, Osaka, the number of patients undergoing medical examinations began to increase from the latter half of last week.

The number of reservations per day is about 15, and it is filled every day from the beginning of this week, and the patients are mainly in their 20s, but some of them are in their 50s and 60s and complain of sore throat and fever. Is most of the time.

Increased infection in children Suspected heat stroke?

→ Positive confirmation

Infections to children are also increasing.

In the fever outpatient department of the pediatric clinic in Minato-ku, Tokyo, the number of patients who visit the clinic has increased since last week, and more than 30 people visit this week.

Some children were positive for corona when their parents were suspected of having heat stroke and had a medical examination.

In addition, the number of patients with viral infections other than corona is increasing, and children diagnosed with "RS virus infection" or "human metapneumovirus infection" that cause symptoms such as fever and cough. Is also one after another.

Akifumi Tokita, director of "Clinic Bambini," said, "There are days when I continue to have tests and prescriptions all day long, and I feel the epidemic of multiple infectious diseases on my skin. If you have a new corona, you may get better with mild symptoms, but if you leave it alone, you may pass it on to other people, so if you have a fever, consult a medical institution without making a self-judgment. I don't want to be overly afraid of Corona, but there are cases where even children get seriously ill, so it is still important to make efforts to prevent the spread of the infection. "

Infection confirmation Under 20 years old accounts for more than 30%

According to the national summary, of the people who were confirmed to be infected with the new corona in the week leading up to the 28th of last month, 18,284 were under 10 years old and 16,531 were teenagers, and children and adolescents under 20 years old. Accounts for more than 30% of the total.

In addition, the number of children aged 5 to 11 who completed the second vaccination was 1,274,761 by the time announced on the 7th, accounting for 17.2% of the subjects.

Approximately twice as many as a week ago in Japan, the highest number ever in Tottori and Saga

The number of infected people nationwide on the 7th was 47,977, which is about double that of a week ago.

Of these, 219 were announced in Tottori prefecture and 694 in Saga prefecture, the highest number ever.

Okinawa prefecture has 2389 people, exceeding 2000 people for 3 consecutive days, and Hyogo prefecture has 2007 people, exceeding 2000 people since April 16th.


] How long is the infected person or close contact person waiting at home?

What should I do if I become infected with the new coronavirus or become a close contact?

We have reorganized the period of waiting at home, which is required by the government.

■ If infected

If a person who tests positive has symptoms, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will set the onset day as the 0th day and have them stay in the hospital or wait at home or a hotel until the end of the 10th day.

If the symptom persists after 10 days, you will be asked to be hospitalized or wait until 72 hours have passed since the symptoms improved.

During this time, I would like you to refrain from going out unnecessarily and urgently unless it is unavoidable such as going to the hospital or making an election.

Asymptomatic people will continue to wait until the end of the 7th day, with the sample collection date as the 0th day.

If it does occur, you will have to wait another 10 days.

■ In case of close contact

People who have close contact with infected people are still required to wait at home.

As a general rule, the health center will determine whether or not the person is a close contact, but this applies to family members living with the infected person, as well as people who have been in contact within about 1 meter for 15 minutes or more without taking measures against infection such as masks. ..

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has reviewed the response to close contacts in order to maintain socio-economic activity in response to the spread of the Omicron strain.

In the past, when an infected person appeared at a company, business establishment, junior high school, high school, university, etc., the company etc. specified a close contact person and asked for waiting at home, but now, in principle, the infected person is himself. You are supposed to contact the person you contact at and tell them to refrain from risky behavior.

On the other hand, if an infected person appears at a medical institution or a facility for the elderly, the health center will identify the contact person and request hospitalization or waiting at home.

It is up to each local government to decide whether to identify a close contact person and request them to wait at home when an infected person appears in a nursery school, kindergarten, or elementary school.

The period of waiting at home used to be 14 days, but now it has been shortened to 7 days.

Specifically, the 0th day is the latest day of the onset of the infected person who has come into contact, the day when the sample is collected, or the day when the infection is found and the infection control measures are started at home, etc., and the 7th day. If the eyes are closed and there are no symptoms, the wait will be canceled.

In addition, if the antigen qualitative test kit is used on the 4th and 5th days and both are negative, the wait will be canceled at that point.

However, even in that case, it is necessary to check the physical condition by measuring the temperature by yourself and refrain from contacting the elderly until the end of the 7th day.

In addition to medical staff, so-called "essential workers" such as staff of facilities for the elderly and nursery schools are asymptomatic and have been vaccinated for the third time if they are tested negative every day. You are supposed to be able to go to work and continue working on the condition.

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kihara "I have no intention of restricting my actions at this time."

Regarding the response to the re-expansion of the infection, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kihara said at a press conference, "We will steadily maintain and strengthen the health care system and vaccination with the prevention of aggravation in mind. Since it is expected that the number of contacts with people will increase, I would like to ask for basic infection prevention measures and thorough physical condition management on a daily basis. "

Regarding action restrictions such as the application of priority measures such as spread prevention, he explained, "At this point, there are no requests from prefectures to apply priority measures, and we are not considering restricting actions."

On the other hand, regarding whether or not to start "national travel support," which is a measure to stimulate tourism demand in place of "prefectural discount," we comprehensively determined whether to start "national travel support," including trends in the number of newly infected people and bed usage rates, taking into account the current situation. In addition, I would like to make an appropriate decision in the first half of this month. At that time, I will also make an appropriate decision on how to handle the "prefectural discount". "

Chairman of Japan Association of Travel Agents "Early implementation of'national travel support'"

Hiroyuki Takahashi, chairman of JTB, who is the chairman of the Japan Association of Travel Agents, told reporters on the 7th that the government is considering whether to start "national travel support" to stimulate tourism demand instead of "prefectural discount". "If the start of national travel support is postponed, it may give the impression that the trip itself is directly linked to the spread of the infection, which is very regrettable."

He said, "Ultimately, we have to follow the government's decision, but it should be implemented early to revitalize the regional economy." He said that it should be implemented in the first half of this month as scheduled. ..

Newly infected people “30% increase in the world” WHO warns

Outside of Japan, the number of infected people is increasing recently.

WHO = World Health Organization Secretary-General Tedros said at a regular meeting on the 6th that the Omicron strains "BA.4" and "BA.5" became mainstream in Europe and the Americas, and were confirmed worldwide per week. He said the number of new infections in the United States has increased by nearly 30% compared to two weeks ago.

However, the actual number of infected people may be even higher due to the shrinking testing system in many countries.

In addition, while vaccination is still effective in reducing the risk of aggravation and death, it is less effective against the virus that continues to mutate, which is behind the increase in the number of infected people. I pointed out.

"To tackle the challenges, we need to take action at the world, national and regional levels," said Tedros. We called for continued thorough infection control measures such as wearing masks in poorly ventilated rooms.

South Korea infected about twice as many as a week ago

The number of infected people is increasing in South Korea.

According to the announcement by the Korean health authorities, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus that was newly confirmed on the 6th was 18,511, which is about double the number a week ago.

In South Korea, the number of infected people has been on a downward trend, with the number of infected people per day falling below 10,000 on many days last month, but the Korean government has now said that it has "turned to an increasing trend." Shows recognition.

In the background, the amount of activity of citizens is increasing as deregulation progresses, and among the Omicron strains, a mutant virus called "BA.5", which is said to be more likely to spread, is spreading. It has been pointed out that things have been pointed out.

In addition, the issuance of tourist visas has resumed, and traffic to and from overseas has become more active, and the number of cases of infected people flowing in from abroad is increasing.

In response to this, the South Korean government has strengthened its vigilance by asking the people to thoroughly implement basic measures such as wearing masks and ventilation, and calling for a fourth vaccination for people over the age of 60. I am.

Chinese mutant virus "BA.5" confirmed one after another Increased vigilance

Among the Omicron strains of the new coronavirus, a mutant virus of the type "BA.5" was confirmed one after another in China this week in the capital city of Beijing.

According to Beijing health officials, three people infected with the new coronavirus confirmed on the 5th were infected with a mutant virus of the type "BA.5" among the Omicron strains.

Beijing city officials are urging citizens to get the vaccine again, saying that only those who have been vaccinated can enter museums, movie theaters, gyms, etc. from the 11th.

On the other hand, according to the health authorities in Xian, the central city of Shaanxi Province, about 30 infected people were confirmed earlier this month, including those infected with the "BA.5" mutant virus. is.

In response to this, authorities have taken measures to ban eating at restaurants and close recreational facilities in the western safety zone for a week from the 6th, and to advance the summer vacation of kindergartens and elementary and junior high schools. We are increasing our vigilance against the spread of infection.