"Monet, Van Gogh, Dali, Matisse and Xu Zhimo... Haha, if you don't read some books, you can't even read Jay Chou's MV now..." On July 6, Jay Chou's new song "The Greatest" After the "Works" was broadcast, some netizens were so emotional.

Some netizens also said that the MV of this song is Jay Chou's version of "Midnight in Paris", because in the movie, the protagonist, like Jay Chou, "traveled" back to that era and met a group of celebrities, writers and artists.

  ● The MV of Samaritan's "The Greatest Work" opened, Jay Chou appeared in the 152-year-old Samaritaine department store.

As a landmark building in Paris, France, after more than 5 years of renovation, the department store will reopen in June 2021.

  ● In the antique piano MV, Jay Chou played the Baroque antique piano from a security guard to a magician from 1872, worth nearly 7 million RMB.

It is understood that the original shape of this piano is a black walnut-colored grand piano. Due to its long history and the performance of countless pianists, the original keys have turned black.

Later, the piano was jointly restored and produced by many well-known master craftsmen on the basis of 100% loyalty to the original shape.

  ● "Son of Man" "Magic" is one of Jay Chou's favorite tricks.

In the MV, he turns the red ball on the clown's nose into an orange, and the orange into Magritte's green apple.

Naylor Magritte was the most important surrealist painter in Belgium.

In his painting "Children of Men", it depicts a man in a bowler hat and a suit, whose face is mostly covered by a green apple.

  ● "The Eternity of Memory" "The beard" is the symbol of Dali, a Spanish surrealist painting master. In the MV, Jay Chou pays tribute to Dali's work "The Eternity of Memory" through the curved spoon and clock.

  ● Sanyu in Sanyu's lyrics "On a lonely branch can grow the flowers that Sanyu wants", refers to a famous Chinese painter in modern times. He is known as "Chinese Modigliani". In 1966 in Paris Died from a gas leak.

For the bonsai in the MV, the corresponding work should be "Ju Rui Ying Xin". Many of his works are based on the plants on this blue and white pot.

The pattern on the note is Sanyu's work "Nude Girl with Crooked Legs", which is called "Cosmic Thighs" by Xu Zhimo.

  ● "The Scream" also includes paintings by French artist Henri Matisse and Norwegian painter Edvard Munch.

Among them, Munch's "The Scream", which shows an anxious face wailing under the blood-red sky of the Oslo Fjord, is his most famous work.

The earliest version was created in 1893, and Munch painted a total of four different versions.

  ● Chou Monet's lyrics "Sunrise in the port of impression wakes up the sleeping flowers and leaves", which corresponds to the two paintings of French Impressionist painter Monet, "Sunrise Impression" and "Water Lilies".

  ● Van Gogh also appeared in the lyrics of the Dutch Impressionist painter Van Gogh, "Let Van Gogh ignite the night under the starry sky", which corresponds to the world famous painting "Starry Sky".

  ● Xu Zhimo The famous poet Xu Zhimo also "accidentally" appeared in Jay Chou's new song MV.

Xu Zhimo's name and works appear in many lyrics.

For example, in the lyrics, "Cambridge", "Waves Hand" and "Farewell to the Clouds" correspond to his classic "Farewell to Cambridge"; "Accidental" refers to his poem "Accidental", for which Chen Qiuxia once composed music , has been sung by many people.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Ren Hongwei

  Intern He Yanling