On July 6, the nation's first People's Mediation Committee for Chinese Internet Literature and Art Intellectual Property Disputes initiated by the Chinese Writers' Association was established in Beijing.

  At present, while China's online literature is developing rapidly, it has also become the most convenient, lowest cost, largest scale and most difficult area for piracy in the pan-entertainment industry.

  In order to better protect the intellectual property rights of online literature works and actively resolve copyright disputes in the field of online literature and art, the China Writers Association established the first People's Mediation Committee for Intellectual Property Disputes in China's Internet Literature and Art, under the direct guidance of the Ministry of Justice and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice It will attract senior experts in the field of intellectual property, professionals in the legal profession, persons in charge of online text platforms, and people's mediators, mainly to carry out legal education, legal consultation, copyright mediation, rights protection litigation, etc., aiming to help online writers resolve copyright disputes and maintain The legitimate rights and interests of online writers, protect the intellectual property rights of online literary and artistic works, enhance industry unity and self-discipline, and promote the harmonious development of the industry.

  Professor Liu Ying, executive director of the Intellectual Property Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, said in an interview that the online dissemination of literary and artistic works is large and fast. Correspondingly, the speed of piracy is fast, the cost of litigation is high, and it is difficult to obtain evidence from litigation. Relevant content can be uploaded at any time. Delete at any time and change at any time.

Through mediation, problems can be solved at the infancy stage and judicial resources can be saved.

(Le Xiaomin produced by Gao Kai)

Responsible editor: [Chen Wentao]