Elisabeth Borne paid tribute on Wednesday to all the women "who paved the way before us" in politics in the National Assembly.

The Prime Minister assured that "the fight will continue until equality is no longer a question".

"I know, in this Assembly chaired for the first time by a woman and like every woman on these benches, what I owe to all those who have paved the way before us," said Elisabeth Borne at the end of her policy statement. general before the deputies.

She also hailed "the Republic, which paved the way for so many women before me".

A man repeated to Edith Cresson

The Prime Minister notably cited Irène Joliot-Curie, Suzanne Lacore and Cécile Brunschvicg, the first women to join a government in 1936, during the Popular Front.

“I am thinking of the first 33 women to enter this hemicycle the day after the Liberation,” she continued.

“I am thinking of Simone Veil, whose strength and courage inspire me at this desk.

I am thinking of Edith Cresson, the first woman to become Prime Minister.


"I believe in the power of example", finally declaimed Elisabeth Borne.

“The fight will continue until equality is no longer in question.

The Prime Minister had already quoted Edith Cresson on May 16 during the transfer of power to Matignon with Jean Castex.

The latter had been the first female Prime Minister between May 1991 and April 1992.

"Nothing should slow down the fight for the place of women in our society", concluded Elisabeth Borne, dedicating her appointment to Matignon to "all the little girls" whom she invited to "go after [their] dreams" .

Asked about this speech, former Prime Minister Edith Cresson considered it "completely interesting and remarkable".


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