On the 5th at an elementary school in Nagoya City, a boy fell down and hit his face hard, complaining of pain and vomiting, but the school did not call an ambulance and was later diagnosed with a serious facial fracture and was hospitalized. I found out that I was doing it.

The Nagoya Municipal Board of Education apologized for not responding appropriately.

According to the Nagoya Municipal Board of Education, after 1:00 pm on the 5th, at an elementary school in the city, a fifth grade boy was playing with another child on his back during the holidays, and he fell down and shook his face on the floor. It means that I hit it.

After telling the teacher that "things look double", the child complained of eye pain in the infirmary and vomited, but the school nurse did not see any swelling and his eyes were moving. Therefore, instead of calling an ambulance, the affected area was cooled and the parents were contacted, and the principal confirmed this.

After that, the child vomited again in front of the guardian who came to pick him up and complained of eye pain and feeling sick. He was diagnosed as having a complete cure of 3 months, and was hospitalized as it was after undergoing emergency surgery.

In response to this, the Nagoya Municipal Board of Education held a press conference on the afternoon of the 7th and apologized, "It was appropriate to carry out emergency transportation from the school promptly. I'm sorry."

In addition, as a measure to prevent recurrence, all schools in Nagoya City will be notified to give top priority to safety when a child is injured.