A Spanish young man pays the price for his heavy joke on "Snapchat"!

A young Spanish man paid the price of a joke he posted on Snapchat, which turned into a horror that threatens his future.

The Spanish authorities arrested this teenager after he threatened to blow up a plane, through a “heavy” joke on his Snapchat account, last Sunday, which sparked panic.

A British newspaper said that the young man, Aditya Verma, aged 18, is British of Indian descent, a "genius" player in the game of chess, and Cambridge University offered him to join it.

He had written on Snapchat: "I will blow up this plane.. I'm from the Taliban." The plane is "EasyJet", which was on its way to the Spanish island of Menorca, coming from Britain.

After he posted the threat on Snapchat, two F-18 fighter jets set off from a military base in the northern Spanish city of Zaragoza to escort the EasyJet plane.

Last night, Verma was appearing before a court in Spain, where the public prosecutor said he had cost the country about $100,000 to take off two warplanes to address the security threat.

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