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Can we learn to be funny?

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Can we learn to be funny?

© Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash

By: Amélie Beaucour

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Have you ever jotted down a comedian's joke that made you laugh out loud, tried to play it at a party and suffered a total flop?

It may soon be just a bad memory!


More and more schools are betting on teaching humor, but don't you need a little something extra to make your peers laugh?

Can we really learn techniques that would lead us to make people laugh on stage, in society or in private?

And are we funny everywhere in the same way?


René-Marc Guedj

, creator of

the School of Humor and the Performing Arts

, EHAS and author of

Révélations sur 50 ans d'humour

 (Les Éditions du Net, 2019)



, humorist, columnist on RFI, producer of the show Le Parlement du rire on Canal+ Afrique


Louise Challange

, comedian and student at

the School of Humor and Performing Arts, EHAS 

► And a



Raphaëlle Constant

, who went to meet young comedians


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