Kim Chae-won, a former member of the group April, directly disclosed the results of the investigation, saying that he would end legal action against the controversy surrounding him.

Today (7th), Kim Chae-won said, "Hello. I'm Kim Chae-won. I'm going to inform the fans who have been waiting for me through a difficult time with the results of the investigation" through his YouTube channel 'Honeychan [Honeychan]' community. was decided,” he said.

Previously, Kim Chae-won sued the person who spread her rumors, claiming that all of the rumors such as △ her bullying of former April member Lee Hyun-joo △ separation between members and her relationship with her manager were all false.

Along with her community post, Kim Chae-won has revealed part of her non-judgment sentence for three of her false facts.

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According to the judgment released by Kim Chae-won, the most controversial 'bullying within the group' was summarized as "It is clear that there were general interpersonal problems within the group, but it is difficult to determine whether it is false because it is difficult to clearly determine this as bullying." .

The judgment stipulates that the 'disparity between members' is "a fact that the relevant witnesses state that it is not true, but it is difficult to judge that it is clearly false, considering that there may be differences depending on the subjective position of accepting the case."

Regarding the last 'dating with the manager', Kim Chae-won summarized the contents of the judgment, saying, "All the parties denied it, and both managers who the suspects pointed out directly stated that it was not true at all, so they judged it to be false."

However, the judgment stipulated that the 'dating with the manager' itself was confirmed to be false, but the evidence was insufficient to establish defamation because the suspect's false perception of this could not be estimated.

Kim Chae-won said, "I will take legal action up to this point." "My position on my rumors is not a lie and there is no shame in it, so I will greet you with various activities and good music in the future. I'm sorry once," he concluded.

Kim Chae-won made her debut as a member of April in 2015, but was unable to avoid public criticism due to the group's bullying controversy during her promotions.

April eventually officially disbanded in January after about six years of group activity, and Kim Chae-won has been communicating with her fans through her YouTube channel while continuing to take legal action against the controversy surrounding her.

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