suddenly warm wind

Follow the little heat

July 7, 2022

Small summer festival is coming

Data map: lotus flowers in full bloom.

Photo by Qi Linjie

heat, hot

Small heat is small heat, not very hot

The coming of this festival

Means about to enter Futian

The weather is getting hot and humid

"Small heat, big heat, steam up and boil down"

heat wave

The cricket leaves the field

Escape the heat in the corner of the courtyard

Eagle hovering high in the sky

enjoy the cool breeze

Data map: The picture shows the egret stumbling.

Photo by Wang Yi

Folks have the custom of "eating new" in Xiaoshu

Grinding freshly cut rice into rice

make a meal for ancestors

Then everyone tastes the new wine

Feel the joy of harvest

In addition, "Xiaoshu eat lotus root"

Lotus root has the effect of clearing heat and nourishing blood

suitable for summer

"Honey lotus root" is also very delicious

Data map: Fried lotus root slices with southern milk.

Photo by Li Xiaochun

Healthy eating in summer

Eat more food that clears the heat and removes dampness

Eat some fresh vegetables

Avoid greasy and spicy food

Hot weather

Easily feel irritable

Take care of your heart

Data map: During the small summer season, it is located in Minxian County, Dingxi City, in the central part of Gansu Province.

Photo by Ma Wanan

in daily life

Get enough sleep

Exercise in moderation

Replenish water in time

Xunfeng's suffocation relieves and brings new coolness

Xiaoshu Shenqing summer long

Leisure time

listen to some soothing music

keep in good spirits

Treat people calmly

Data map: In summer, the scenery of lakes and mountains is picturesque.

Photo by Zhao Chunliang

Beautiful summer scenery

The breeze is coming

Full pond lotus swaying

Feel refreshed

Bamboo wind and lotus rain to cool off the heat

Yu Li Binggua can cure hunger

Cicadas are chirping, the fruits are fragrant

Just the way life is beautiful

Data map: The picture shows the landscape of Xinglong Mountain in summer.

Photo by Zhao Xiangjun

Time passes by like a horse

May you always be full of hope

as vibrant as summer

Live up to time, live up to Shaohua

Let life shine as it should

Data map: The lotus flowers in Mochou Lake Park are in full bloom.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yang Bo

Little summer is coming

Wishing you a healthy summer!