An online game theme song was widely spread among "post-10" pupils and even became a kind of "joint code"

  How did "The Lonely Brave" change from an Internet Divine Comedy to a National Children's Song?

  With the attention of the People's Daily and other media, "The Lonely Brave" has really become popular again.

  The reason for the popularity again is that people suddenly discovered that this online game theme song, originally sung by Hong Kong singer Eason Chan, was "viral" among the primary school students with "post-10s" as the main body. BGM has become the "connector code" of contemporary elementary school students.

  However, how popular is "The Lonely Brave" among the younger crowd?

What kind of propagation path did it follow?

What kind of mood of the times is conveyed behind the explosion?

Is all this accidental or inevitable?


  "Can your children sing "The Lonely Brave"?"


  "The Lonely Brave" "passed from person to person"

  "Can your children sing "The Lonely Brave"? My son can't sing, will he be isolated?" In a WeChat group gathering parents born in the 1980s, some parents asked slightly anxiously.

Among the parents and friends who answered him, eight out of ten said: "I can sing." One parent comforted and said, "Don't worry, your child can't now, and will be in a few days." In the song "The Brave", the phenomenon of "human-to-human transmission" has already appeared.

  On the way to pick up his daughter home, Liu Li happened to hear her humming the tune of this song, so he asked her daughter, "Where did you know this song?" The daughter said, "My classmates can sing it."

  A few days later, Liu Li heard his daughter sing the tune of "The Lonely Brave" at home again, but the lyrics were slightly different.

His daughter told him that this is the "dream version" of "The Lonely Brave".

  The original song "The Lonely Brave" has been revised several times, and many funny versions have appeared, which are sung among children.

The so-called "dream version" is actually a lyric version of dreaming of not going to school, not doing homework, eating snacks and playing games.

  Liu Li found that, judging from the reactions of friends in the group, most of the children in elementary school and even kindergarten would sing "The Lonely Brave", and even if they couldn't sing, they would hum the melody of the climax.

  At first, some parents thought that their children learned from music classes, but during the discussion, they found that the songs sung between children did not come from the classroom, but from the Internet.

  "My children didn't know how to do it at first, but they learned it from my eldest brother's children. His children managed it loosely, and they were always on Douyin." A parent put forward the proof of his own observation.

Another parent said that both of his children could sing "The Lonely Brave". The eldest learned it from the second child, who played a role-playing game called "Mini World", which contained this song Song.

  Parents with a second child found that "The Lonely Brave" was mainly sung in the middle and lower age groups of kindergarten and senior classes or elementary school students. "My eldest is already in the first year of junior high school, and it bothers her third-grade brother to hum this song every day."


  Interact with students with "The Lonely Brave"

  Children's love of "The Lonely Brave" began during the epidemic prevention and control period this spring.

A teacher Gu in the first grade of a primary school told the Beiqing Daily reporter that she would play some songs for the students during recess. When asked what songs they wanted to listen to, most of the children would say in unison: "The Lonely Brave."

  Teacher Gu had heard this song on the Internet before, but he did not expect that the first-year students would also be interested in this popular music.

When she released this song between classes, some children would jump up and down with the rhythm unconsciously, and almost all the boys in the class would sing at the climax.

  Later, Teacher Gu saw on the Internet that some children used the lyrics of "The Lonely Brave" to match the password, and she also learned to meet the students several times, "The students will cooperate happily and feel that the teacher is very close to them. "

  Students also have their own opinions on why they like the song "The Lonely Brave". Some students say that the Lonely Brave is an assassin, very elegant and handsome; some students say that it is a song depicting laborers ; Other students said that this is the song of the doctor to eliminate the virus.

  Teacher Gu said that from the communication with the students, she felt that the children liked the song "The Lonely Brave", which should have originated from an online video during the epidemic. In the video, a swordsman killed the virus with a sword. BGM It's the song "The Lonely Warrior".

Therefore, the children feel that this swordsman is very brave, has a kind of chivalrous spirit, and can defeat the virus and make everyone's life return to normal.

  Liu Ying, a music teacher at Dinghuili Primary School in Haidian District, Beijing, told the Beijing Youth Daily that she heard the children singing this song in her music class. Some children mentioned "The Lonely Brave" when sharing their favorite songs. .

  As a music educator, Liu Ying analyzed that the melody of the song "The Lonely Brave" is very suitable for children to learn to sing. The rhythm is relatively fast and the rhythm is strong, which makes it easy for children to accept, and the rhythm and lyrics are very obvious. It is sonorous and powerful, giving people an uplifting feeling, which is also in line with the psychological expectations of children when they are pursuing hope for the future.

  Liu Ying said that what impressed her the most was the line in the lyrics, "Whoever said that standing in the light is a hero."

Because every child has a hero dream, this song touches the child's dream, and let the children know that heroes are not only firefighters, policemen, doctors, but also teachers and parents around them.

  Because of the popularity of this song, the music teachers of Dinghuili Elementary School also used the song "The Lonely Brave" as a project-based learning course for teaching and research. Instrumental music and dance are used to perform "The Lonely Brave", which also achieves a very good artistic teaching effect.


  Topics related to "The Lonely Brave" have been on the hot search list several times

  Wave 1:

  After the launch, many stars covered the song

  In addition to being "out of the circle" among young people, the popularity of the song "The Lonely Brave" has continued to rise on major social platforms recently, and topics related to "The Lonely Brave" have hit the hot search list several times.

  The Beiqing Daily reporter found that the spread of the song "The Lonely Brave" can be roughly divided into the following four stages: attracting a number of entertainment stars to sing, breaking into the student group, serving as a "joint code" between adults and children, receiving Mainstream media pays attention.

  On November 8, 2021, the Chinese theme song "The Lonely Brave" of the game "League of Legends" derivative animation "League of Legends: Battle of the Two Cities" was officially launched. The song was written by Tang Tian, ​​composed by Qian Lei and sung by Eason Chan.

  A reporter from Beiqing Daily found that it took only about half a year for the song to be launched, and many stars such as Phoenix Legend, Angela Chang, Xin, Tengger, and A Duo had sang "The Lonely Brave" on the show site or in the recording studio.

  In a variety show on Zhejiang Satellite TV, Yang Kun, Rainie Yang, and Zhu Xingjie sang "The Lonely Brave", and the Weibo topic "Yang Kun's Lonely Brave Opens" has reached 7.888 million views.

  In the program "Riding the Wind and Waves", Na Ying, Xu Ruyun, Tan Weiwei, and Zheng Xiuyan sang "The Lonely Brave", and the reading of three related topics on Weibo reached 140 million.

  Wave 2:

  Get into the student body

  While the entertainment industry was "breaking the circle", "The Lonely Brave" was also widely circulated among students.

There was a group chorus of the whole class, a playing performance, and a table dance where the teacher specially arranged the song for the students.

A reporter from Beiqing Daily found that as early as mid-March this year, there had been discussions on the Internet about "why primary school students like "The Lonely Brave".

  Until now, when you search for the keyword ""The Lonely Brave" for primary school students on major platforms, you can still see a lot of high-profile content, which is also the most intuitive manifestation of the song "The Lonely Brave" successfully breaking into the student group.

  Wave 3:

  Become a child's "connector code"

  After "The Lonely Brave" became popular among the students, the Beiqing Daily reporter also noticed that many self-media bloggers went to the streets to find children's "secret codes". Many times, the phrase "love you walking alone in the dark alley" has just begun. , the children have already begun to sing back "I love you without kneeling".

  Interestingly, on April 2, a small group of people in Kaili, Guizhou played drums to exercise their courage following the music of "The Lonely Brave" at the school gate. Unexpectedly, it attracted a group of primary school students.

Later, everyone sang "The Lonely Brave" along with the rhythm.

The video has 474,000 likes.

  Wave 4:

  Being "named" by the mainstream media

  In addition to the strong communication power of all parties, the attention of major media has also become an important reason why the song "The Lonely Brave" has become popular all over the Internet.

In the past two months, "The Lonely Brave" has been named by the mainstream media.

  On May 26, the official Weibo of People's Daily published an article "The Author of the Lone Brave Responds to the Strugglers Who Moved Forward Warmly with Songs and Music", with a topic reading of 260 million; Ancient musical instruments unlock the ancient version of the Lonely Brave", with 5.094 million views on Weibo topics; on July 4, the People's Daily WeChat public account tweeted "Why do elementary school students love to sing 'The Lonely Brave'?

, with a reading volume of 100,000+.


  The common victory of good production, copyright, platform and capital

  "When a song is popular, everyone is rushing to make their own version, which is the norm in the industry now." A music industry practitioner told a reporter from Beiqing Daily about the logic of the industry he observed.

"Everyone is rushing to make money from traffic," added a short video industry practitioner.

  ""The Lonely Brave" is indeed a high-quality song. The lyrics and music are very good, and the chords are not unconventional." A post-90s platform musician told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, "Children like such positive energy songs, very It's normal, plus the Chinese theme song of the "League of Legends" game animation, which also covers a large number of gamers, who are all young people and have a lot of overlap with the student group."

  Analyzing the reasons for the popularity of this song, all four respondents said that as the theme song of the "League of Legends" game animation, behind the popularity of "The Lone Brave", various copyright owners, music platforms, and video platforms have the ability to spend a lot of money. It has a lot to do with it: "A song is not popular now, 80% depends on spending money, and 20% depends on luck." The music critic told the Beiqing Daily reporter, "The three major Internet companies with music business have already competed for copyright. When it’s hot, people will often push their own copyrighted songs, and give competing platforms’ copyrighted songs very little traffic. This is already a common practice in platform competition. Because every time it is played, there will be a corresponding income.”

  A practitioner in the short video industry said, "When a song becomes popular, the Internet celebrity sings and shoots a short video to gain the popularity. For traffic, MCN will spend money later to push the content into a larger traffic pool. . This created the popularity and visibility of the entire network, and finally the song was heard by elementary school students, and they began to sing spontaneously, which is a bigger victory for traffic. "

  Some media also said that the cultural logic of the explosion is that experienced professionals enter the online pop music arena.

"Of course, "The Lonely Brave" can do this because the traditional record industry is behind it. She has rich production experience and has many masterpieces, Qian Lei as the producer, and Tang Tian, ​​a female lyricist who has many masterpieces, wrote the lyrics. She personally The experience of fighting cancer is also well known in the dissemination of "The Lonely Brave". In other words, "The Lonely Brave" is popular all over the Internet, and it means that a professional will end up." Titanium Media reported.

  Trend Archives

  "The Lonely Brave" has inspirational genes from its birth

  The popularity of "The Lonely Brave" surprised the original singer Eason Chan. He personally posted on Weibo and said, "I heard that I sang a children's song."

  According to Qin Yanqiong's paper "Nursery Rhymes - From Literature to Pedagogy" from Nanjing Normal University, the term "children's songs" originated from Zhou Zuoren: "children's songs, the words of children's songs, the ancient nursery rhymes".

Therefore, it is considered that nursery rhymes are the modern name of nursery rhymes.

  Nursery rhymes and nursery rhymes are part of folk songs and are oral poems created by the general public. They are the true reflection of their real life, thoughts, emotions and psychological wishes in rhythmic and musical oral language.

The popularity of ballads has been a form of folk literature expression since ancient times, and it is inseparable from the historical status quo of social development.

  Chu Zhaohui, an education expert and a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Education Sciences, told the Beijing Youth Daily that children have a stage of growth and development. The age of 4 is a critical period for their personality growth and development, and they have a clear perception of the outside world.

The popularity of this song is closely related to the current external growth environment of minors.

  Most of the parents and teachers of today's children are urging their children to get better grades in the test, and the children's emotional needs have not been met.

So they need a certain channel to vent, and this song satisfies that need.

  "Emotions are not (get) satisfied, and children's life experience spans their actual age." Chu Zhaohui believes that families and schools should further reduce children's pressure and let them "return to childhood".

  Chu Zhaohui said, "Each of our children is like a ball. When you throw it on any kind of wall, he will do what kind of rebound. This is a very normal phenomenon and should not be over-interpreted. "The Lonely Brave" "This song is a reflection of the emotional state of the child at the moment."

  As a music teacher, Liu Ying also has a social perspective on the popularity of "The Lonely Brave". She believes that good music songs must be in line with social development trends before they can become hot spots.

  Against the backdrop of unprecedented changes unseen in a century, and against the backdrop of the nation's fight against the epidemic, the sonorous rhythm and lyrics full of positive energy conveyed by "The Lonely Brave" have brought children who grew up in this environment a great opportunity. More inspiration.

  In addition, Liu Ying believes that behind the song "The Lonely Brave" is a touching story. The song's lyricist, Tang Tian, ​​is a woman who has been fighting cancer for ten years. She is not only the lyricist, but also the protagonist of the song's story.

It can be said that the song "The Lonely Brave" has an inspirational gene since its birth.

  At present, it is impossible to fully count how many versions of this song there are.

As many children have felt, the lyrics of "The Lonely Brave" contain courage, blood, comfort and healing.

These emotions make the song resonate with more people and give the Lonely Brave room for multiple interpretations.

  Version evolution

  Original: The Chinese theme song of the game "League of Legends" derivative animation "League of Legends: Battle of the Two Cities".

  Cover singing: In 2022, it will successfully "get out of the circle" and will be covered by many music celebrities and well-known musicians.

  Children's songs: A kindergarten in Xuchang, Henan set "The Lonely Brave" as the wake-up bell; a doctor in Zhuhai, Guangdong used "The Lonely Brave" to "confess the code" to relieve the boy's fear of dental treatment; a primary school in Kunming, Yunnan, lost a class for three consecutive years. After the tug-of-war competition, the teacher sang "The Lonely Brave" to motivate the students.

  Adaptation: "Holiday Version", "Homework Version", "Ultraman Version", "Happy Version", etc., which are popular among children; the "Industry Version" changed by police officers, doctors, miners, firefighters, prosecutors, township civil servants, etc. ".

  Text/Reporter Zhang Ziyuan Wang Jingyi Zhang Zhiyi Zhu Jianyong Coordinator/Zhang Bin