July 7, 2022 is the 85th anniversary of the "July 7 Incident".

Today, 85 years ago, the Japanese army falsely claimed that a soldier was missing, and launched a violent attack on Lugou Bridge and Wanping City. Japan's all-out war of aggression against China broke out.

In the face of the trampling of the invaders, a large number of Chinese sons and daughters braved the enemy's artillery fire to go forward and go to the national disaster together. Thousands of patriotic soldiers fought bloody battles, regarded death as home, and used their lives to build a monument of national rejuvenation.

  85 years later, today's China is no longer the China of the past.

We remember history, not to perpetuate hatred, but to learn from history and face the future.

  Don't forget the national humiliation, we should be self-improvement!

(Produced by Liu Yinghan)

Responsible editor: [Liu Pai]