In order to get familiar with eco-friendly bicycles, an event to ride a bicycle on "Rainbow Bridge" will be held, and recruitment of participants has started.

The event will be held on the 23rd of November, which is a national holiday in Tokyo.

The bike course includes one of Tokyo's landmarks, the Rainbow Bridge.

Participants can run through the Metropolitan Expressway of the "Rainbow Bridge," which is normally not possible to ride by bicycle.

After that, there is also a course that goes through the undersea tunnel and turns back at the "Uminomori Waterway", which became the competition venue for boats at the Tokyo Olympics last year.

The course is the longest, about 29 km, as well as 19 km, 13 km and 8 km.

The maximum number of participants is about 3000, and the city is recruiting participants until August 18.

Governor Koike said, "I want you to feel more familiar with the environment-friendly and healthy bicycle. It is a rare opportunity to ride a bicycle through the Rainbow Bridge, so please join us."