With only 17 days left until the college entrance examination, Penghu arranged a "mock test" for himself, but the test room was a boxing arena. He won the 2022 Changsha Boxing Challenge Adult Men's 60kg champion.

17 days later, he joined the thousands of troops in the single-plank bridge, and finally paved the way to realize his dream with a score of 638 in the college entrance examination - to go to school in Beijing, join a top club, "become a professional boxer and win a gold belt."

  "Before the college entrance examination, I took time to win a boxing championship", "The boxing champion boy scored 638 points in the college entrance examination"... Penghu has recently become the protagonist of a hot search topic. Queue to screen.

  The airborne hot search made Peng Hu a little surprised, "I am not the only one who can be a good ordinary high school student and also has the specialties." The label made him very uncomfortable. "My classmates are also very good in singing, dancing, design, etc. I am concerned because there are fewer boxing practitioners, and everyone thinks it is novel."

  "There are a lot of young people who come to practice boxing, but they don't demand much like him as a professional player." Hu Jin, a professional boxing promoter and coach, remembers that when the father and son came to the boxing gym two years ago, Peng Hu He is still a high school student who "speaks very little". He does not hire a coach due to limited budget. He often practices alone. "No supervision, no laziness at all, and extreme concentration." Hu Jin noticed this special teenager and occasionally took the initiative to take him for training. , until the actual combat started half a year later, Peng Hu fought with great tenacity. "Even if he received a heavy punch, he did not flinch, but went up and fought forward." Hu Jin decided to become Penghu's coach, "He often gets nosebleeds, but Never said give up, the training plan has always been completed with high quality." This high school student's dedication to boxing became a mystery in Hu Jin's heart, "Who would train like a professional athlete in an ordinary member? This guy can definitely make it happen. people."

  Peng Hu's father is a policeman, and the TV channels at home are often occupied by boxing, kickboxing and other competitions, and he is immersed in his ears and eyes. "My dad wants me to be a bloody person." Peng Hu remembers that in 2019, as the only one in China at that time The active professional boxing champion, 25-year-old Xu Can, completed his second title defense with an amazing performance of 1562 punches in 12 rounds.

"His spirit shocked me." Peng Hu formally proposed to his father the idea of ​​practicing boxing.

  "My father told me that if you want to learn boxing, you have to go to Changsha." Penghu's family is in Hengshan County, Hengyang City.

This was a brutal screening. Of the more than 50 top students in the county, only two were admitted to Changsha's "Four Famous Schools", and Penghu, who entered the High School Affiliated to Hunan Normal University, was one of them.

  Studying abroad alone, boxing is both motivation and companionship.

In addition to devoting all his spare time to training, Penghu also applied to the school to use the martial arts training room, "Get up at 5:40 in the morning, train from 6:00 to 7:10, and quickly go to the cafeteria to grab two bites of rice after class at 12:20 noon. , I went to sleep on the mat in the gym for half an hour, and trained from 1:10 to 2:00." He set the time every day to "minutes" to execute, in order not to delay the cycle rhythm, even in high school, Peng Hu insisted on night Go to bed before 11 o'clock, "As long as I relax a little, there is not enough time. When I think that I don't have enough time to practice boxing, I will be more devoted and focused on learning." But what is the source of high self-discipline?

Peng Hu said frankly: "I want to play games."

  Last summer, in order to participate in the Hunan Youth Boxing Championships, Peng Hu had to lose 7 kilograms in one month. He had a strict diet. "If you are really hungry, you will eat cucumbers." He trains every day, and his weight loss clothes are like a thick layer. The plastic bag absorbs the skin, and the shoes and socks can step out of the water. The feeling of hovering on the edge of fainting is still clear. "People run in front, and souls chase behind." But when he achieved his goal, the game was postponed indefinitely due to the epidemic. " The mood is a bit broken.”

  This is the closest Penghu is to the life of a professional boxer.

"We used to prepare for weight loss, and we would steal food when we were hungry, but he wouldn't. He was very harsh on himself." Hu Jin said, "Athletes only play games, but Penghu still has heavy studies and can persevere. It's admirable to come down." The most important thing is that after a brief collapse, Peng Hu accepted the reality, "Just prepare for becoming a professional player in the future."

  Peng Hu's attitude towards boxing has always been "doing more than talking". After two years of being together, Hu Jin learned from recent reports that Peng Hu "wanted to win the gold belt". "Everything became reasonable." But he I don't know, besides Xu Can, he is also a reason to touch Peng Hu.

The nine-to-five life in the office is not part of Penghu's future plans. "After training with Lao Hu and the others, their active and self-disciplined life is very attractive to me. The boxing industry needs more people to join in." August 1 last year On the day, Xu Can lost the third title defense and lost the golden belt. An idea broke into Peng Hu's mind, "Can I get the golden belt back in the future?"

  In the past two years, Penghu's record in the amateur boxing arena is 5 wins and 1 loss. Among them, the most challenging is the showdown before the college entrance examination.

"You are so courageous, what if Peng Hu is injured in the game and affects the college entrance examination?" Hu Jin hesitated for his girlfriend's reminder. Before sending out the invitation to the competition, he asked Peng Hu's father for advice, "his father said, as long as Peng Hu He will support whatever Hu determines, and if the child wants to participate and there is a suitable opponent, let him play." Hu Jin found that the "suitable opponent" is a professional athlete within the system, more than Penghu's previous opponents. must be strong.

  "Although he is only a high school student, he is considered a 'veteran' in amateur boxing. He has rich practical experience and strong psychological quality." Hu Jin said that compared with the results of the competition, Penghu is more concerned about his own performance on the field Whether he is enjoying himself, and the safety of the game is in place, "As soon as he thinks that he will leave Changsha after the college entrance examination, the opportunity is rare, so let him arrange the challenge with the strongest opponent." There is also a reason that he has never disclosed, "I have several times. I dreamed that Penghu failed the college entrance examination, and I subconsciously felt that if the game was lost first, the college entrance examination would go well."

  Like potential deep-sea people getting oxygen cylinders, the news of the competition gave Peng Hu a moment of respite from the intense preparations for the exam. "You can relax and feel the extremely depressing atmosphere in advance." The previous actual combat experience has become the confidence, "I promise. You can’t win or lose, but you can ensure your own safety.” As a result, in the face of professional players’ pirate style and lighter punches, Peng Hu resolutely implemented the coach’s tactics and dominated the first two rounds, despite the fact that in the third round The opponent counterattacked, but he finally won the game.

  Victory is like a shot in the arm. Hu Jin found that in addition to the unprecedented sense of pressure on the field, Penghu has also changed off the field. "In the past, he was silent when shooting training videos, but now he will beat his chest and shout a few times. I'm more confident than before."

  After the college entrance examination, Peng Hu rented a simple room next to the boxing gym. There was no class reunion and no graduation trip. Hours, now I can practice four or five hours a day, which is very cool." Peng Hu longed to join Xu Can's club, so he chose Beijing, but when filling out the school application, he paid more attention to the "academic atmosphere", "I don't want to play boxing because I want to. Giving up my studies and becoming a professional boxer is not enough to have self-discipline, I have to support myself, and I have to have a few very tough skills.”

  "If the career path doesn't go smoothly, will you still engage in a career related to boxing?" Even if he knew Penghu's answer, Hu Jin didn't ask this question. He occasionally worried that Penghu now has 4 rounds. With the level of 6 rounds of professional competition, the future can be expected, and the journey to the top can be difficult and dangerous. He is afraid that Penghu will break the connection with boxing. "Chinese boxing needs a promoter with both comprehensive quality and professional skills like Penghu. , We have met many world-renowned boxers and agents before, and missed many opportunities due to language barriers. He scored 141 in English in the college entrance examination, and a huge market is waiting for him."

  A hot search made Peng Hu a "boxing promoter" in advance.

In Hu Jin's view, Xu Can influenced Penghu, and Penghu also changed some people's views on boxing. "At least they know that high school students, white-collar workers, and people from all walks of life can participate in this sport." And Penghu I can also feel the changes happening. Many parents and classmates in the school took the initiative to ask him to learn about boxing. "Especially after the Tangshan beating incident, many girls began to be interested in boxing." , "I'm grateful that more people can pay attention to boxing." He hopes that the outside world can shift attention to boxing itself. "For me, it's just a small starting point."

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