China News Service, Beijing, July 6 (Reporter Guo Chaokai) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Public Security on the 6th that the Food and Drug Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security has recently issued a notice to deploy local public security food and drug investigation departments to work closely with the "Kunlun 2022" special action to carry out In the summer, the "Hundred Days Action" of public security crackdown and rectification will severely crack down on prominent criminal activities in the fields of food, medicine and intellectual property in accordance with the law.

The notice requires that relevant criminal activities such as the production and sale of toxic and harmful food, the production and sale of counterfeit and inferior medicines, and intellectual property infringement be severely cracked down in accordance with the law.

  The notice requires that the key points of the attack should be further highlighted, and specific measures should be refined to ensure that it is prestige and effective.

It is necessary to fully cooperate with the crackdown on underworld forces and "protective umbrellas" in the field of natural resources, closely focus on the mining of mineral resources, the development and use of agricultural land, fisheries and aquatic products fishing and other fields that are prone to underworld crimes, and conduct in-depth investigation of clues. At the same time of illegal fishing, illegal occupation of agricultural land and other crimes that destroy natural resources, timely discover clues related to underworld and evil, fully cooperate with in-depth investigations, and do the best to eliminate evil.

It is necessary to severely punish crimes that violate the legitimate rights and interests of specific people in the field of food, medicine and intellectual property, focus on the protection of the rights and interests of women and children, the elderly, the disabled, and primary and secondary school students, and strictly crack down on the production and sale of toxic and harmful food, The production and sale of counterfeit and inferior medicines, intellectual property infringement and other related criminal activities shall be thoroughly investigated and detected quickly, and efforts shall be made to make the whole society feel fair and just.

  The notice requires that it is necessary to closely combine the deployment requirements of the special campaign to crack down on the illegal and criminal gun explosions, severely crack down on criminal activities such as gun explosions, wildlife, illegal mining, etc., strengthen active investigation, strengthen the crackdown of cases, and resolutely cut off criminal chains and destroy criminal dens. Make every effort to eliminate hidden dangers of gun explosions that affect safety and stability.

It is necessary to severely crack down on other prominent criminal activities in summer. In view of the characteristics of active production and life, fast movement of people, and strong supply and demand in summer, severely crack down on prominent crimes such as production and sales of fake and shoddy products, counterfeiting of registered trademarks, environmental pollution, illegal hunting, and indiscriminate logging. activities to effectively maintain the overall stability of social security.

  The notice requires that, based on the prevention and resolution of major risks, we must effectively enhance the awareness of urgency and risk, strengthen the system concept and bottom-line thinking, adhere to strict norms, fair and civilized law enforcement, pay attention to law enforcement quality and law enforcement effect, and actively cooperate under the leadership of the party committee and government. Relevant departments carried out risk mitigation and promoted source governance.

It is necessary to strengthen education on the rule of law, enhance the awareness of the rule of law and the concept of integrity in the whole society, and widely mobilize the masses to report clues about crimes around them, so as to create a good atmosphere in which law-abiding is honorable and law-breaking must be investigated.