As the number of new coronavirus infections is increasing nationwide, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is requesting local governments nationwide to secure beds and inspection systems.

According to NHK's summary, the number of newly infected people nationwide exceeded the same day of the previous week on all days of this week, and on the 5th, it increased by nearly 90% from the previous week to about 36,000.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has notified the local governments to improve the medical care provision system, saying that the number of newly infected people is increasing nationwide.

Specifically, we are requesting that we expand the number of medical institutions that can handle tests to ensure that patients with fever receive tests, and prepare to distribute test kits in advance.

In addition, assuming that the number of elderly patients will increase, we will proceed with preparations for securing beds and opening temporary medical facilities, and secure a system that can dispatch doctors and nurses if requested by the elderly facilities. I'm looking for it.

Furthermore, in case the number of home care recipients increases rapidly, we would like to see a system for conducting online medical examinations and health observations in addition to home visits in cooperation with local medical institutions.

In addition, as the number of patients with heat stroke is increasing, we are also calling for a balance between the new corona and regular medical care so that emergency transportation will not be difficult.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, "There is a possibility that the Omicron strain will be replaced with" BA.5 ", which is said to be more likely to spread. The effect of the third vaccination is gradually decreasing, and summer vacation etc. It is expected that the chances of contact will increase, and I would like the local government to strengthen the system so that it can respond to the spread of infection. "