Singer Lee Hyori's husband, Lee Sang-soon, made a direct statement regarding the Jeju cafe controversy.

On the 5th, Lee Sang-soon posted an article containing her thoughts on SNS, saying, "Hello.

Lee Sang-soon said, "I have watched a lot of words come and go because of my cafe establishment the past few days." "The cafe is entirely Lee Sang-soon's cafe. I want to tell you that my wife has nothing to do with this cafe. Both the CEO and the president are me. ", he drew a line on his connection with his wife, Hyori Lee.

He continued, "I've liked coffee for a long time, and I especially like specialty coffee. So, I want to create a cafe that offers not many specialties in Jeju, and mix it with the music I have selected to create a small space for people with the same taste. I thought it would be good. So, I opened a small cafe in a quiet town without publicity.”

He continued, "I thought this size was suitable for my circumstances without any help. And in fact, I have no business experience at all, and I do not have the personality to deal with many people, so I decided to open a small cafe that can accommodate about 20 people even when it is full. will,” he added.

Lee Sang-soon said, "I prepared carefully for over a year, and on the first day of opening, my wife and acquaintances came to celebrate, I served coffee to my acquaintances, and my wife took a picture at the request of other guests. "I think I've grown up," he said. "From the beginning, I could go to the store occasionally, but I didn't plan to continue serving coffee to customers. I had a desire to stop by from time to time and drink coffee and talk with customers, but that's what I thought. It made me feel that this is a more difficult task,” he said.

"For now, I will do my best not to harm the villagers, and at the cafe that has changed to reservation system, three baristas will do their best to provide good specialty coffee," he said. We will select and listen to music, and we will do our best to introduce the specialties of great roasters in Korea at the cafe.”

He continued, "It's my first time doing many things, so there are many things I'm lacking, but I'd appreciate it if you kindly understand and watch over me."

Earlier, Lee Sang-soon opened a small cafe in Dongbok-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju on the 1st.

Lee Sang-soon, who became the owner of the cafe, greeted customers by pouring coffee directly, while Lee Hyori visited the cafe and took commemorative photos with them, communicating with customers without hesitation.

As a cafe where you can meet the couple Lee Hyori and Lee Sang-soon in person, word of mouth spread, and the cafe quickly became a 'hot place' in Jeju.

In front of the cafe, there was a line of people waiting in line even before it opened, and the line sometimes continued for more than 100m.

Concerns have been raised that this cafe may cause damage to nearby residents when a quiet neighborhood is crowded.

In the end, the cafe temporarily suspended business on the 3rd, and after a period of reorganization, it was decided to change the operation method to a 'reservation system'.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)