Fried tea leaves, tea chicken, tea cakes... Since the beginning of summer, in Yangba Town, Kang County, Longnan City, Gansu Province, the locals have carefully cooked a tea feast with 12 dishes for surrounding tourists to enjoy tea delicacies and tea culture.

Yangba is one of the main tea producing areas in Gansu, with a long history of tea culture. It has a tea culture theme park, a traditional tea-frying workshop, and there are sculptures of the complete tea-frying process on the streets.

In Shangen Village, Changba Town, Kang County, the local area transformed a farm cattle pen into a cafe and launched "cow dung milk tea", which is very popular among tourists.

Here, you can also dance in Guozhuang and experience pottery. Do you want to come to such a beautiful countryside?

(Yan Jiao produced Le Xiaomin)

Responsible editor: [Liu Pai]