Recently, Jay Chou officially announced that he will release his new solo album "The Greatest Work" on July 15. It will premiere online at noon on July 6, and fans are excited and eagerly waiting.

And just recently, some netizens discovered that Douban Music's Jay Chou album "The Greatest Work" actually scored a score of 5.3. More than 100 people scored it, and 53.6% scored five stars, while one star scored 53.6%. Negative reviews accounted for 28.6%.

  The album hasn't even been released yet, so where does this score come from?

And who scored it?

On the evening of July 4th, Douban responded to the matter, saying that Douban Music was recently revising the article, which led to a background bug, which caused the unreleased "The Greatest Work" to be divided in advance.

  Regarding this matter, some netizens questioned that it had something to do with the previous suspected leak of Jay Chou's new song demo (music sample).

On July 2, Ye Xianglun, the UP host in the music area of ​​station B, refuted the source of this demo, indicating that the audio circulating on the Internet was an original work created by him, and he stole and spread it without his permission and made rumors as Jay Chou's new album. , has caused him a lot of trouble.

  On the morning of the 5th, Douban emptied the score and short comment content of the entry "The Greatest Work". The current click on the score will display "Cannot add favorites, this album has not been released."

The advanced rating for "The Greatest Work" is also considered by many people not to be an evaluation of the quality of the album, but an evaluation of Jay Chou, which is unfair.

  This incident once again sparked public discussions on the credibility of Douban scores.

When we talk about Douban splits, the three sections of "Book, Video, and Video" often only focus on the film and television drama section, but the score in the music section should also be "dehydrated". After the score of the music works, fans brushed the score and went directly to the full score. Netizens complained about it, "The Internationale has a score of 9.6, how can such a drool song score 10.0, it is a split score."

  It is not the first time that the rating has not been broadcast, nor is it the first time that the fan-black war has pulled the rating. The credibility of the Douban rating is constantly being questioned.

Douban officials have stated that the standard for scoring is "the reliability of the score". This statement is actually quite vague. The scoring of film and television dramas has become "metaphysical". Some popular dramas that have attracted much attention have not been divided so far. For example, "The Rest of Your Life, Please Advise", which was broadcast in March this year, received a lot of attention when it was broadcast. There have been more than 100,000 short comments and nearly two long drama comments. Thousands and five hundred, and this drama has not been rated yet.

  It is also a hit drama. "The Beginning" is scored within a week of its broadcast, but "Police Honor" is not scored until the finale. The so-called scoring according to reliability, how to judge, this standard is not very transparent , but also makes everyone scratch their heads.

On the other hand, some entries are often suspected of being locked in points, such as "Meng Hualu", although everyone can see that the number of ratings has fluctuated significantly, the proportion of each segment has also changed, especially this one There were some controversies in the later stage of the play, but the ratings remained unchanged. Many netizens questioned whether the show was "locked" in order to keep the good reputation in the early stage and cover up the disputes in the later stage.

  The scoring system is the foundation of Douban, although we also understand that absolute fairness is difficult to achieve, but if Douban wants to operate for a long time, the fairness, openness and transparency of the scoring system are the most basic, technical loopholes naturally need to be filled, fans Black wars and mutual stomping have to stop.

  Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Shen Zhao