Focus Interview丨The party flag flutters on the front line - the role model is around

  "A promising nation cannot be without heroes, and a promising country cannot be without pioneers." The Chinese Communists are the vanguard warriors who realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Wherever it is most needed, the most difficult, and the most dangerous, there are Communist Party members who have stepped forward and charged forward, adhering to the original mission of "seeking happiness for the people and rejuvenation for the nation" with practical actions. The bright red party flag has always been important. The main battleground and the grassroots front line are flying high.

  In June 2022, Guan Xiangdong, director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine at the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, ended his mission of supporting Shanghai and returned to his job.

  More than two years ago, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 presented a question to every Communist Party member: Can you stand up and fight for the party and the people at a critical juncture?

In Guan Xiangdong's office, the reporter saw a "Proposal to the National Intensive Medicine Professionals".

This was drafted by him in January 2020, at the most critical moment of the Wuhan New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic. This is Guan Xiangdong's answer.

  As an old party member with more than 20 years of party experience, in early February 2020, Guan Xiangdong went to Wuhan.

In Wuhan, Guan Xiangdong traveled to almost every designated hospital in Wuhan, fighting side by side with 40,000 medical staff from the medical aid team to snatch patients from death and save lives.

After the Wuhan defense battle, Guan Xiangdong went to Kashgar, Harbin, Shanghai and other places one after another. Wherever there was a sudden epidemic, he was there.

In his mobile phone, a video of a patient dancing has been saved.

  In August 2020, Guan Xiangdong was urgently transferred to Kashgar, Xinjiang for support.

In order to rescue the extremely critical patient, two ECMOs, blood products, etc. were airlifted from Urumqi, and medicines were prepared from Xi'an.

After more than ten days of fighting, the patient was finally removed from the ventilator.

  For more than two years, Guan Xiangdong has participated in the fight against the epidemic for more than 330 days.

When he returned to his "home", he guarded the patients with his usual professionalism and meticulousness.

  It is the duty of a medical practitioner to stand up and act bravely when the people need it, and it is also the mission of a Communist Party member.

  Wang Zhongmei, a welder of China Railway Industry Nine Bridges Company, has just been named a "Great Country Craftsman".

Her goal is to make sure that every seam she welds will stand the test of time.

At the construction site of the longest suspension bridge in the world, Wang Zhongmei took the initiative to try a very difficult welding method. After expert flaw detection, she welded more than 30 sets of high-penetration welds that were qualified at one time.

  After the welding technology reached "first-class defect-free", in 2007, under the leadership of the party member master, Wang Zhongmei also became a party member.

  Wang Zhongmei, an electric welding craftsman technician of China Railway Industry Nine Bridges Company, said: "My master really admires me. When I encounter something, I simply say 'I'm here'. Party members feel different in all aspects."

  "It's just different" has also become Wang Zhongmei's request to herself after joining the party.

In 2014, during a bridge welding assault mission, the company established a women's welding assault team with Wang Zhongmei as the captain.

Due to the tight construction period, they worked hard for 48 consecutive hours in the construction of the bridge deck box with a high temperature of more than 50 degrees Celsius.

  The difficult environment stimulated Wang Zhongmei's innovative thinking, and she and her co-workers continued to ponder and improve the technology.

She developed a method that increased the efficiency of penetration welding by 50% and was named "Wang Zhongmei Welding Method".

The "Wang Zhongmei Model Worker Innovation Studio" where she works has obtained a total of 27 technical breakthroughs, and has also participated in the steel structure welding tests and manufacturing tasks of more than 50 world-class bridges.

  A good Communist is a flag, a burning flame.

In the past ten years, the number of party members in the "Women's Electric Welding Commando" led by Wang Zhongmei has exceeded 50%, and the total welding seam length is nearly 600,000 meters.

  Li Liyi is the dean of the Institute of Space Environment and Physical Sciences of Harbin Institute of Technology, 53 years old this year.

Why did this young scholar choose to join the party at this time?

This has to start with the "space environment ground simulation device" that started 17 years ago.

  With the rapid development of my country's aerospace industry and space exploration capabilities, more and more problems need to be solved.

How to ensure the safety of astronauts' lives when working outside the Chinese space station?

How to improve the service life of spacecraft?

Scientists have put forward an idea for this, building a space environment ground simulation device, which is equivalent to building a "ground space station" on the earth that is similar to the real space environment such as the moon and Mars.

  As the dean of the Institute of Space Environment and Physical Sciences of Harbin Institute of Technology, Li Liyi serves as the executive deputy commander and executive deputy chief engineer of the project.

In the nearly five years since the official start of the project, the team has no weekends or holidays.

In order to create a zero-magnetic space environment system, they have to do experiments every morning when the power of Harbin's power grid is the lowest, because the data at this time is the most accurate.

In the eyes of colleagues, Li Liyi, the team leader, created a fabulous working time.

  Li Liyi named his work group "Seventy Hours", which means working seventy hours a week.

  The reason why Li Liyi led the team so hard is because the task is urgent.

In 2020, due to the restraint of the United States and other Western countries, the contract for imported components that had been negotiated in the project changed, and the original research plan and construction period were greatly affected.

  Liu Jianli, a researcher at the Institute of Space Environment and Material Science, Harbin Institute of Technology, said: "I was also arguing with President Li at the time, and I said that I think I can't do it at all, I can't complete the design in one year, and I can't do it in two years. Installation. In the end, Dean Li said, I will do it with you, and I will help you solve any problems you encounter."

  The country needs, no matter how difficult it is, it must be overcome.

Not forgetting the original mission and integrating the ideals of life into the cause of the party and the people is the most important character of a Communist Party member.

Li Liyi also took this one as his goal.

  Li Liyi led the team members to complete the construction of the space environment ground simulation device according to the predetermined goal.

After the project is completed, scientists can combine the Chinese space station with the "ground space station" to form a national space environment and material interaction research system integrating space and earth.

  During the construction of the project, Li Liyi deeply felt that this extraordinary task could hardly be accomplished without the spirit of the party members' mission and the party organization's concentrating and devotion to the country.

After careful consideration, in 2020, he submitted an application to the party organization. This year, 53-year-old Li Liyi officially joined the Communist Party of China.

  Whether it is a scientist who is dedicated to serving the country, an ordinary welder, or a doctor fighting on the front line of the epidemic, they have different positions and experiences, but they are all showing what a Communist should be.

On the way forward, there are both rare historical opportunities and unprecedented risks and challenges.

Better play the vanguard and exemplary role of the Communist Party members and the fighting fortress role of the party organization, dare to take responsibility, forge ahead, and work hard, then we will surely gather the majestic force for realizing the great national rejuvenation.

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