This is a file that has been the subject of much ink for a very long time.

After two years of consultation with the support of the National Commission for Public Debate (CNDP), the fate of the RD 751 road between Nantes and Pornic seems drawn, at least for the next few years.

And the transition to 2x2 lanes of this congested and accident-prone axis, long considered, was ultimately not recorded for the entire 40 km.

"The initial hypothesis of a doubling of the whole of this road no longer seems to have a consensus and the widening of this axis can be more targeted", estimates the president of the departmental council of Loire-Atlantique (PS) Michel Ménard .

Development and preservation

It is particularly for the Chaumes-en-Retz diversion that this option was not chosen, for environmental reasons and the fear of nuisance expressed by local residents.

For the other portion subject to consultation, that between Port-Saint-Père and Pont-Béranger, it has indeed been decided to switch to 2x2 lanes by 2030, but with a route as close as possible to the current road, in order to "limit the artificialization of the soil.


“The imperative to improve safety in order to save lives will also be achieved by other means,” continues Michel Ménard.

The orientations chosen make it possible to assume a strategy of development of the Pays-de-Retz while preserving spaces with agricultural and natural vocation.

In the meantime, security work will continue.


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