More bed or more beach?

Rather room or rather fields?

During the summer you don't know what fly is biting you but you can't help but make love everywhere except in your 140x200.

Conversely, for you it is unthinkable to leave the comfort of your Bultex mattress to send you into the air?

Finally you have never done it but you dream of a coitus far far from your King size?

Tell us your sexual anecdotes in unusual places?

Tell us why it is so important for you to make love in atypical places?

And after love in unconquered territory, do you boast to your friends?

Has making love off the beaten track allowed you to break the routine?

Or your part of legs in the air put you in a very funny situation?

Conversely, explain to us why it is unthinkable for you to cross the threshold of your room when it comes to sex?

Whether the “outdoor” sex was conclusive, hilarious or non-existent, your story interests us.

You can testify by filling out the form below, your testimonies will be used to write an article.

Thanks in advance.

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