A court in the Alsace metropolis has sentenced a 61-year-old man to life imprisonment for the murder of a Strasbourg student who was later found dismembered.

The jury found the confessing man guilty on Tuesday, the AFP news agency reported.

He had multiple prior convictions for rape.

The death of the student Sophie Le Tan had caused horror in France.

The young woman died on her 20th birthday, which she wanted to celebrate with her family in the evening.

The student was looking for an apartment near Strasbourg in September 2018 and disappeared after visiting the Schiltigheim suburb.

Testimonies led investigators to the main suspect, who had placed a real estate ad.

Despite traces of blood found on him, he initially denied the crime for more than two years.

The student's body was found in October 2019 in a forest around 30 kilometers southwest of Strasbourg.

Although he eventually admitted to the crime, he maintained in court that he acted without intent.

In its judgment, the court ruled that the prisoner's release from prison can be considered after 22 years at the earliest.