"Dialogue" with pets to grow with pets

  A dozen wooden sticks and a few conical barrels pieced together a "curve" with three corners in the hut.

Xiao Zong closed his eyes and tied a leash to his arm. He is now a "pet dog". Under the lead of his girlfriend, he stumbled around a few turns and finally reached the end.

  "It's too hard to be a dog!" Xiao Zong said with emotion, this is his first pet leashing skills class.

His teacher, Da Tong, is a pet behavior trainer.

From hobby to career

  Datong, a post-90s girl, first came into contact with this industry because of her dog.

Da Tong has a "Universal Terrier" dog named "Teddy".

In the "Teddy" puppy period, he couldn't take a step away from his owner, and he would bark at home alone.

Datong felt that he couldn't figure it out, so he turned to a professional pet training agency.

  There are no "disobedient" dogs, only people who "do not understand". Only then did Datong know that dogs also have separation anxiety.

Under the guidance and training of the teacher, "Teddy" gradually overcame the anxiety of being inseparable from people. Datong also fell in love with this profession. She was originally engaged in the photovoltaic industry and transformed into a pet behavior trainer.

  China's pet training industry started around 2002. Some of the initial practitioners were retired dog trainers who had trained military and police dogs, and some were trainers who used aquarium animal training methods, all of which were focused on skill training and instruction training.

  With the rise of dog behavior courses in China, many pet trainers have begun to realize that the most important thing in pet training is to understand dog behavior and fundamentally solve pet behavior problems, not just skills and obedience training.

  The students that Datong faces in his daily work are not only pet dogs, but also pet owners.

Learning how to get along with pets and understanding pet needs are the issues that every owner should be more concerned about.

Pets are a mirror of their owners

  Why do people need pets?

Some are because of loneliness, some are because of love, or even because of lovelorn.

There are thousands of reasons for keeping pets. The reason why Tahara keeps dogs is because she wants to lose weight.

  She walks the dog every day, and can also exercise and lose weight by the way. She thinks of raising a dog as simple and beautiful.

She didn't realize trouble was coming until her little corgi "latte" lay in the unit door and refused to leave the building.

  The first time they met, Da Tong inquired about the work and rest habits and life details of "Latte" in detail, and found that "Latte" showed many signs of being in a state of stress, but these pressures were not effectively relieved.

"Dogs also have pressure?" Tian Yuan felt a little confused.

  Sniffing games, traction skills, social exercises, clicker training, mind-stimulating games... After the lessons, although "Latte" is still timid, he can already socialize normally.

  Tahara is also reflecting on whether his emotional accumulation has also caused some pressure to the dog?

In the process of accompanying "Latte" to class, she also felt that she was slowly healed, "it feels good to grow up together".

People and pets during the epidemic

  The epidemic has changed the lives of many people, including pet owners.

Many friends confided to Da Tong that they were very afraid of being infected, "I'm afraid that the dog will be left unattended when I go to the shelter."

  Datong began to consciously remind students to prepare in advance. If they face the risk of being quarantined, "If there is a chance, they must first send their pets to a friend's house or a professional foster care institution."

  In order to simulate emergencies, Datong also arranged a lot of exercises for "Teddy" at home that can help it consume energy. In the indoor environment, the amount of exercise of "Teddy" is guaranteed as much as possible, and at the same time, it also meets the needs of exercise.

  During the epidemic in Shanghai, a pet dog was unable to go downstairs and did not urinate for more than 30 hours.

The anxious owner asked the teacher for help online. After 5 hours, he finally achieved fixed-point defecation at home.

  In the past two years, Datong has also opened a lot of online teaching courses, and more and more students choose to take "online courses".

Datong is used to teaching with a mobile phone. After a class, she and the students waved goodbye to the screen, "Come and play when you have time!"

  Datong is looking forward to the days when the epidemic dissipates, the grass is fat and the dogs are strong, and everyone runs in the wind together.

  Beijing News reporter Xue Jun