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A Wonderful World

by Paul Colize, published on June 2, 2022 by Éditions Hervé Chopin.

His favorite quote:

“Like many men, he confuses sensitivity with weakness.

According to Baudelaire, men who pass for really tough are more sensitive than those whose expansive sensitivity is praised.

They make themselves hard because their sensitivity makes them suffer.


Why this book?

  • Because this book, whose fall it will be difficult to imagine

    , could not be more enigmatic, starting with its back cover which leaves little to show.

  • Because the clues are sown only drop by drop,

    we can not help but wonder where this adventure will take us as the main hero, Daniel Saber, does it himself.

  • Because the short chapters inserted in the main story

    induce even more mysteries on the purpose of the adventures and where the author takes us for this crossing in Europe, in 1973.

  • Because, in addition to originality, Paul Colize based his camera

    in the cockpit of a Mercedes 220D, where two foreigners take place, very different in many respects, whose journey will bind them forever.

  • Because Paul Colize has a real gift for storytelling

    , in all its subtleties.

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot.

In the cockpit of a Mercedes 220D, soldier Daniel Saber barely hides his nervousness.

Leaving Belgium the same morning, he must reach Lyon before dark.

In the back, a woman is also trying to hide her impatience.

Beginning of an inner journey from which everyone will emerge changed forever.


The first sergeant Daniel Saber and the enigmatic Marlène.


Germany – Belgium – France – Spain.

The time.

October 1973 over a period of five days.

The author.

Paul Colize is a Belgian writer.

In 1999, he published his first novel,

Les sanglots longs


Author of black novels, he wrote more than twenty books, several of which won literary prizes.

This book was read

fascinated from the beginning.

I both devoured this book, while trying to make the trip last as long as possible.

The perfect construction brought by a more than pleasant style makes this plot where every word, every act has its place, such a dark but so successful novel.

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