Do you find the creators of

Stranger Things

too shy with the deaths of its main characters?

You are not alone !

A certain Millie Bobby Brown believes that the Duffer brothers tend to be a little too attached to the heroes of their series, and she did not hesitate to let them know with humor.

And the young star is ruthless: she wants blood.

"It's way too big.

Last night we couldn't even take a group photo because there were 50 of us. I was like, 'You have to start killing people.'

The Duffer brothers are two sensitive little girls who don't want to kill anyone.

We must be

Game of Thrones


We have to have the

Game of Thrones

mindset ,” the actress told

The Wrap


Some blood

The creators of

Stranger Things

heard their star's criticism and while being interviewed on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, they even responded to him!

“What did Millie call us?

She said we were sensitive little girls.

She is hilarious.

Believe me, we explored every option in the writing room.

Imagine, if you kill Mike (Finn Wolfhard's character), it's, like... It's depressing... We're not

Game of Thrones


It's Hawkins, it's not Westeros,” Matt Duffer explained.

However, the creators still plan to kill certain characters before the end of the series, scheduled for the end of the fifth season.

They just don't know which ones...


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