We had to wait 13 years, but it's good,

Avatar 2

, subtitled

La Voie de l'eau

, will be released on December 14 in theaters, followed by three other sequels every two years, i.e. in 2024, 2026 and 2028. A sustained rhythm, to which we were not accustomed James Cameron who had already taken more than ten years between


and the first



Especially since the director is no longer very young, and is about to turn 68.

So why not pass the torch?

He thinks about it.

Passing the baton to a trusted director

“The Avatar


themselves are devouring, explains the filmmaker to the English magazine


, as reported by the


site .

There are other things I'm developing that are also exciting.

I think that eventually after a while – I don't know if it will be after 3 or 4 – I would want to hand over to a director I trust so that he can take over the hand, that way I could do other things that interest me too.

Or maybe not.

I do not know.


He also does not know if there will be many

Avatar 4



, everything will depend on the success of the second film.

The third is already in the box and will therefore be released in 2024.

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“The Deep House”, “Abyss”, “Underwater”… Is filming under water hell on earth?


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