Mayor Iizuka of Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, where the infection of the new coronavirus is rapidly spreading, held an urgent meeting and said, "It is an emergency for Izumo City," and urged the citizens to take thorough infection prevention measures.

Of the 755 infected people announced on the 5th, 410 people, or 54%, are under the jurisdiction of the Izumo Health Center, and the infection of the new corona is rapidly spreading in Izumo City.

Mayor Iizuka of Izumo City, who held an urgent meeting, said that the reason why the infection of the new corona is spreading rapidly is that the infection is spreading due to various factors such as the spread of infection at business establishments and homes in the city. He said, "It's an emergency for Izumo City."

In addition to refraining from going out unnecessarily and urgently, we strongly urged the citizens to thoroughly implement basic infection prevention measures such as wearing masks and ventilating the room, and to vaccinate early.

In addition, Mayor Iizuka said that staff were infected in nursery schools and kindergartens and were closed one after another, and called for refraining from going to the kindergarten as much as possible from the 6th if it is possible to raise children at home.

In addition, he said that if there is a risk that the infection will spread in elementary and junior high schools, we will consider temporarily closing the school on a school-by-school basis.

Mayor Iizuka said, "If you live a normal life as before, the infection may spread further, so I want you to take thorough measures to prevent infection."

Voices of anxiety in front of JR Matsue Station

In response to the record number of confirmed infections in Shimane Prefecture, voices of anxiety were heard in front of JR Matsue Station.

A woman in her 60s said, "I was just surprised at the number of more than 700 people. I thought that some more restrictions would be needed."

A man in his thirties said, "Even in the workplace, the number of people whose families have been infected is gradually increasing. There is no choice but to protect yourself by taking measures against infection that each individual can do."

A woman in her 50s said, "I'm worried because the pace of expansion is fast. The number of people who are taking off their masks is increasing, so I feel that it is necessary to tighten again. I think it is important for each person to keep in mind, so be careful. I want to go. "