In a class proceeding in which patients and bereaved families from all over the country sued the country for being infected with hepatitis C due to the administration of blood products, administration was approved by the patient's own testimony even if there was no record such as medical records for 10 people. A settlement was reached with the government by paying the benefits according to the symptoms.

Regarding hepatitis C, a law to rescue patients was enacted in 2008, and if infection by blood products can be confirmed in court, benefits will be paid by the national government and pharmaceutical companies, but blood products will be paid by charts and testimonies of doctors. It is necessary to prove the administration of.

However, 270 patients and bereaved families from all over the country filed a lawsuit against the country in the Tokyo District Court, saying that there were no medical records left because it took a long time to notice the infection, and demanded that the conditions for relief be relaxed.

According to the plaintiffs' defense team, the Tokyo District Court announced in May that 10 of the plaintiffs would be allowed to administer the drug, and on the 5th, they would pay a benefit of 12 to 40 million yen depending on their symptoms. So, it means that a reconciliation with the country has been reached.

Of these, Emiko Okayama (83), who lives in Mie Prefecture, had no records at that time or any testimony from her doctor, but her administration was approved only by her own testimony.

She said Okayama, she said, "She was found to have been infected by the administration she gave birth in 1975. She is rescued as soon as possible because there are many other people who are suffering. I hope that, "she said.

Attorney Hiroshi Yamaguchi said, "It is very significant that the record was accepted without the testimony of a doctor. I would like to ask the government to further improve the system."