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Harmful, beneficial


Yousef al-Sharif


06 July 2022

Many people may see that the new situations regarding the high cost of living are negative in all respects, but in the same context, if we look at things from a different angle, we will find that what is happening now is an opportunity that we must take advantage of in order to adapt and fit in with the nature of life and the new changes. In today's world, all of which indicate that we need to change our culture that we have been suffering from for decades, which is the habit of spending and waste. Today, minds must be more logical in arranging their priorities, so we dispense with large cars, for example, in our daily movements, and limit ourselves to using them On the family’s movements only, we replace them with small cars that can be used in our daily commute, such as going and coming from work places and transporting children to schools.

On the other hand, we must activate the role of mass transportation, and our concept of mass transportation should not be limited only to public transportation, so that small buses can be allocated to transport employees in government departments and ministries, and teachers as well, to and from their workplaces. It is not wise to take all Someone including his own or luxury car, which consumes a lot of expenses, whether in the price of fuel or maintenance and the like, to park it in the sun diet or the volatility of the atmosphere, which calls for regular washing and cleaning on a daily or almost daily basis, so this may be a very good opportunity to return Our calculations, and not to struggle with reality in the hope that the situation will return to what it was soon, in light of the current international circumstances, especially with the current inflation or depression in the United States of America and the Russian-Ukrainian war, whose effects may affect various countries of the world, including the Middle East region.

Even with regard to the sale of plastic bags at a certain value, this will be a reason to change the culture of society in purchasing operations, where the quantity of purchases is acceptable and reasonable, and does not depend on hoarding, storage, extravagance and waste, as it was our habits, especially since our markets have everything necessary, You do not find a residential neighborhood without a large commercial complex that provides all the necessities, so there is nothing difficult to change the way we deal with this matter, and also during the past days I noticed that there are those who carry their simple items in their hand without asking for a bag to carry them, especially if the items are small and do not exceed There are three to four items, and one of us used to have even bought a pack of cigarettes or any soft drink pack asking for a bag to carry it. Such behaviors that we used to see are simple will change, and we will become more careful and aware that we can dispense with such things easily, and on On the contrary, we will find it useful for us and raise our generations on habits that are more appropriate to circumstances and changes.

The circumstances we live in today, some may see as difficult, but they are very useful for rearranging our lives and creating a balance between income and expenses, and if we review our accounts, we will find that there are many things that we can dispense with without affecting our standard of living.

It is true that there are many variables around us, and many still do not understand what is happening, but the coming days will make us change our behaviors in line with the situation, and the important thing is not to wait, but to change what we were doing and what we are accustomed to.

There are many things that we can do without without affecting our standard of living.



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