What a ride!

The models in the Gucci show in February of this year walked a catwalk that was mirrored on all sides, while Bronski Beat's 80s hit "Smalltown Boy" blasted ("Run away, turn away, run away, turn away", you know already!) from the system, strobe and disco lights flashed in time, and you almost wished for one of the sunglasses the models wore - if the whole thing hadn't been so damn cool and in the face.

Matching the retro music, there were also retro outfits and a few stripes that immediately looked familiar.


In a Gucci show!

Johanna Dürrholz

Editor in the “Germany and the World” department.

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The collaboration was a surprise, as was the fact that Alessandro Michele sent so many men onto the catwalk for the show - because his idea of ​​masculinity was "very broad".

In any case, the models all looked cool, regardless of gender, and the collection can now actually be bought online.

There are short sports dresses, gym shorts and tops, as well as cardigans with Adidas stripes, a tulle skirt, bags and even pumps.

Of course, the classic retro tracksuits, which simply never go out of style, are particularly pretty.

And yes, of course, if you don't feel like paying more than 1000 Ocken for the Gucci Adidas hoodie, you can simply buy a conventional Adidas hoodie for a considerably lower sum.

But then it's without Gucci coolness flair.

And anyway: It's great that the two brands rely on the retro Adidas logo and stripes, which are always beautiful, even on the toes of shoes.

In addition, the collection finally makes it possible that tracksuits have finally (!) become wearable for every situation in life.

Do you wear sweatpants to the office?

Yes, but hello?!

It's from Gucci!

Is everything possible now?

Grace, Alessandro!

Alessandro Michele also caused a surprise again at the men's shows in Milan: this time he collaborated with pop star Harry Styles, who is known for his idiosyncratic style anyway and who has been friends with Michele for a long time.

The collection is called “Gucci HA HA HA” and relies on similar clothing to styles that have always been worn anyway: colorful suits, flared Marlene trousers and flared trousers, quirky slipovers and patterns, lots and lots of patterns.

And besides Gucci collaborations, Adidas is also busy elsewhere: The sports brand has also collaborated with Balenciaga – for the spring 2023 collection.