Is there a problem with "thesis defense of primary school students"? Where is the problem?

  School is an independent field, and teaching and courses are more professional matters. In terms of how to carry out teaching and how to design courses, should schools and teachers be given more space for independent exploration?

  It is understandable that some parents do not know the harm of unplugging the seedlings, but as a teacher who teaches and educates people, it is unreasonable to treat children in an adult-oriented way of education.

It could even be said to be harming children.

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  Primary school graduation thesis defense was criticized as "adult"

  School: not linked to grades, no parents to cover the whole process

  Recently, the defense of primary school students' graduation thesis held by Beiqing Experimental School in Kunming, Yunnan was criticized for being too "adult".

According to previous reports from, the thesis will be held on July 3. The school is the first school in Yunnan Province to hold a graduation thesis defense meeting for primary school students.

The content of the thesis defense includes the importance of protecting the ecological environment, the impact of short videos on primary school students, the discussion of the changes in Chinese women's clothing, the impact of Qin Shihuang's achievements on Chinese history... and even some students expressed in English.

  According to the surging news video report, on July 4, a teacher of the school explained that the thesis defense meeting was inspired when they visited schools outside the province.

The school uses the winter and summer vacations to let children find topics of interest to explore and cooperate.

The school's teacher also said that students began preparations in the fifth grade, and only the sixth grade students participated in the defense of the graduation thesis, but it was not linked to their academic performance.

The emphasis is on cultivating their observation skills. "It is impossible for sixth-grade children to conduct academic research. To cultivate their oral expression skills, cooperation skills, and problem-solving skills, the whole process is not covered by any parent."

  It is reported that in June 2021, the school will hold the first thesis defense of primary school graduates. The topics of the graduation thesis include "On Japan's Discharge of Nuclear Wastewater" and "The Impact of Takeaways on the Environment".

In this regard, some netizens commented and questioned the significance of this move, and some netizens expressed their support for "the first step that can be promoted and break the ivory tower."

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  The "roll" is overdone

  Adult education is harming children

  Anyone who has read a university has experienced the "nightmare" of thesis defense, but they did not expect that education has been "rolled" to such an extent that all primary school students have their graduation thesis defense.

  For elementary school students, the content of these defenses is indeed a bit "out of line", but from the online video, almost all of the students who participated in the defense were unscripted.

I have to admire that some children nowadays not only have extraordinary memory, but also amazing expressiveness.

  However, when it comes to the adultization of children, the author bluntly said that the defense of the thesis of "super class" is only the "tip of the iceberg" that shows the "adultization of children".

Do you still remember Huang Yibo, the "Five Stripe Squadron Leader" in Wuhan?

Although Huang Yibo was only twelve or thirteen years old at the time, what did Huang Yibo's mature face, vicissitudes of life look like, as well as his speech and demeanor look like an adult?

Some people even think that his temperament is like a "big leader".

Not only that, but he also has profound knowledge, and he completed the "Zizhitongjian" at the age of 5.

  If Huang Yibo is a special case, then look at some of the books that parents buy for their children around us. Books that break through children's reading comprehension are piled up in every corner of the family.

In addition, in terms of speech and behavior, and in the world, I also hope that children can be "superior".

  The effect of this kind of family education concept and family education method is nothing more than "quickening" the child into a "little adult".

If a child can speak in the tone of an adult, the elder will praise him as "sensible", and if the child jumps according to his nature, the elder will reprimand him as "not good".

The standard of being good seems to be to keep your eyebrows low and pleasing to the eye, keep your word and act silently.

  It is understandable that some parents do not know the harm of unplugging the seedlings, but as a teacher who teaches and educates people, it is unreasonable to treat children in an adult-oriented way of education.

It could even be said to be harming children.

Because the reason is very simple, adults are not enlarged children, and children are not miniature adults.

Whether it is home education or school education, it should be gradual and follow the law of children's development.

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  educational innovation

  can not fall into formalism

  The defense of the graduation thesis in the primary school is obviously based on the defense of the graduation thesis of the master and doctorate, but this is not a real graduation thesis defense. It does not require students to write a graduation thesis, do a graduation design, and there is no defense committee for defense and deliberation.

This is just borrowing the form of the graduation thesis defense, the purpose is to show the comprehensive quality of the students, which is essentially the same as the graduation show.

  This kind of "primary teaching innovation" borrowed from the university education method needs to arouse vigilance and reflection.

Primary and secondary schools should attach importance to cultivating students' correct educational values, put an end to formalism in education, let alone turn students' homework into parental homework, and "student essays" into "parents essays".

  Some netizens questioned that the primary school students' graduation defense was "too juicy", and that they suspected that the parents did it, and they did not deliberately raise the bar.

In the primary school stage, it is worthy of recognition that students are allowed to study in combination with disciplines, engage in some small research projects, and carry out project-based learning and inquiry-based learning.

Schools can also organize activities, in the form of classes or groups, to allow students to present the results of small research projects and answer questions from teachers and classmates.

However, it is an exaggeration to call this the defense of the primary school graduation thesis, and it is even more unnecessary to arrange the defense of the primary school graduation thesis.

The graduation thesis defense is by no means a performance. A performance-style graduation thesis defense will mislead students' understanding of the graduation thesis.

  my country is vigorously promoting the "double reduction", which requires school education to improve the quality and efficiency, and pay attention to the cultivation of students' core literacy.

In April this year, the Ministry of Education issued 16 curriculum standards (2022 version) including compulsory education curriculum plans and languages.

For compulsory education schools, the implementation of new compulsory education curriculum plans and new curriculum standards is the key to improving the overall quality of education.

Educational innovation must respect the law of students' growth and cannot be mere formalism.

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  too much heart

  The attempt of educational innovation should not be killed with one stick

  Regarding the defense of graduation thesis organized by primary schools, some netizens and the media commented that formalism is also rampant on campus.

Some people think that the thesis defense is a matter of the university, and the primary school's thesis defense is "Handan toddlers"; others think that the school is innovating for the sake of innovation, but it is just trying to win the favor of the competent authorities.

  On the surface, these doubts are reasonable, but in fact they are only speculations from a personal perspective, but they have lost the tolerance they should have for educational innovation.

Since it is innovation, the road that needs to be taken is "the road that has not been traveled by predecessors". In this process, attempts to innovate in education should be tolerated, not killed with a single stick.

If you try well, you can continue to do it. If you don't try well, it's a big deal.

  And what needs to be seen is that this primary school thesis defense is decent: from the online video, the students participating in the defense all gave speeches and debates without writing.

Of course, some people questioned: Was this written by the students themselves?

Is this their own perception?

Did your parents write it?

It can only be said that this kind of speculation is just speculation, and there is no real evidence.

  More importantly, don't underestimate the IQ of children.

Today's primary school students also have their own cognition and thinking, and they also have their own ideas and opinions on some things.

Another problem is that even if the child's defense of such content is naive and ignorant, it has positive meanings.

Because, we need to raise children who are good at thinking, willing to think, and like to think.

Paying attention to society, observing society, and thinking about society are also the feelings that children should have.

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  Should it be given to the school

  More space for independent exploration?

  Is it necessary for elementary schools to borrow the university's dissertation defense model?

To answer this question, we must first return to this graduation thesis defense itself.

The school responded that the results of the defense had nothing to do with the graduation examination, which responded to an important issue of public concern, and the defense was indeed a way of demonstrating the results of project-based learning.

The children began to prepare from the second semester of the fifth grade. About 5 to 6 people formed a group freely, looking for topics of interest to cooperate and explore together. The goal is to develop the ability to discover problems, think independently and solve problems.

  Advocating independent, cooperative, and inquiry-based learning methods is nothing new. In 2001, the Ministry of Education promulgated the Outline of Basic Education Curriculum Reform (for Trial Implementation), which clarified the direction of this reform. Classroom transformation, after 20 years of practice, is still iterating.

  The difference is, is this primary school student's defense a true inquiry or a false inquiry?

Judging from the defense topics, "the impact of short videos on primary school students", "the advantages and disadvantages of intelligent AI on home life", and last year's "study on the differences in gender self-control of primary school students using mobile phones", "the value of basketball shoes", "takeaway pair" These themes are closely related to daily life and are the things around elementary school students.

  We can no longer look at today's primary school students with the eyes of the past. In the Internet age, even primary school students have different knowledge and their ability to retrieve and obtain information.

These topics are indeed subjects that they can "research".

Moreover, the school also stated that "it is not for students to finally form an in-depth research result, but to focus on the cultivation of children's exploration ability in the process of group cooperation and the training of eloquence".

  A graduation defense on a primary school campus has become a hot event, which shows the public's concern and concern for education.

For a primary school, it must also bear a lot of pressure from public opinion.

From another point of view, school is an independent field, and teaching and courses are more professional matters. In terms of how to carry out teaching and how to design courses, should we give schools and teachers more space for independent exploration? ?

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  "Elementary School Graduation Thesis Defense"

  Focus on core rather than form

  Frankly speaking, as parents, what we are worried about is not the precocious academic tyrants of others, but whether the educational environment will be alienated?

  There have been too many lessons learned before.

The "prodigy genius" who was born, either wrote books at a young age, or the research content is profound and difficult, which is beyond the reach of adults, but they can lift their gorgeous robes, and many of them are traces of their parents doing it for them.

  Aside from the ridicule of some netizens about "successfully studying for a primary school degree", the society should think more about what standards can make children truly "graduate"?

Is it to gain the bargaining chips for further studies by cheating, and become eager for quick success and quick profits by promoting the seedlings, or do you start from an early age, buckle the "first button of life", and absorb nutrients from real life to form a self-improving and independent character?

The answer is pretty self-explanatory.

  As the teacher of the school said, it hopes to cultivate pupils' observation ability and thinking about some hot social issues. This original intention is worthy of recognition, but it is not necessary to use the title of "primary school graduation thesis defense meeting".

It is hoped that more schools will take this as a reference, design more links that match the mental age and cognitive structure of children, and pay more attention to the core rather than the form, so as to stimulate the talents and potential of more children.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Special Commentator Ruge