Without the garden, how do you know the spring is so bright,

  How can you know the beauty of Jiangnan without listening to Kunqu Opera?

  Kunqu Opera is a "orchid" in Chinese opera art

  Blooming in the water town of Suzhou,

  Attracts opera lovers from all over the world.

  Six hundred years ago,

  The poet Gu Jian at the end of the Yuan Dynasty took Nanqu as his inspiration,

  Created the predecessor of Kunqu Opera - Kunshan Opera,

  After the innovation of Wei Liangfu and others in the Ming Dynasty,

  The "Shui Mo Tiao", which combines the length of the north and south tunes, came out.

  After the improvement of several generations of artists,

  Kunqu Opera has finally become a unique and very vital drama, famous all over the world.

  Wu Nong's soft language and the rhythm of the bamboo flute,

  Follow the words, sing and sigh,

  Coupled with the body movements that fit the script,

  Delicate and tactful, fascinating.

  People on the stage frown, smile, and tune.

  Bring listeners into a moving story,

  Many plays in Kunqu Opera,

  Such as "Peony Pavilion", "Palace of Longevity", "Peach Blossom Fan", etc.

  They are all immortal works in ancient Chinese opera literature.

  The legendary past of princes, generals, talents and beauties,

  The love, hate and sorrow of ordinary people,

  Scenes are staged in Kunqu Opera.

  Sincere feelings transcend life and death, the world,

  A moving story that crosses history and borders.

  After four hundred years of ups and downs,

  Kunqu Opera comes from the depths of history,

  It is full of the fruits of Chinese culture.

  The joys and sorrows inside and outside the play are integrated into the music,

  It interprets all kinds of styles of oriental aesthetics.

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