In order to repair the "Date Masamune Equestrian Statue" at the site of Sendai Castle, which was partially damaged by the March earthquake, work was done to remove it from the pedestal.

The Statue of Masamune Date, located at the site of Sendai Castle in Aoba Ward, Sendai City, was an earthquake that observed a maximum seismic intensity of 6 upper on March 16, and the left front leg and right hind leg of the horse were damaged and the whole was damaged. Was damaged by tilting to the right.

Until now, it was covered with a curtain printed with photos before the damage, but on the 5th, a part of it was removed and it appeared for the first time in about 3 months since the earthquake.

The equestrian statue was slowly lifted by a crane after removing the damaged leg from the pedestal and lowered onto a pedestal for transportation.

After the 6th, it will be mounted on a trailer and taken to a factory in Tokyo to repair sculptures, etc., and after repairs such as welding broken parts, it is planned to return to the original place by March next year.

Emiko Suzuki, Manager of the Park Division, Aoba Ward, Sendai City, said, "The horse-riding statue is a symbol not only for Sendai citizens but also for tourists. I want you to enjoy taking a commemorative photo with your appearance. "

A couple in their 60s who came from Kagoshima prefecture for sightseeing said, "I can understand the disappointing feelings because Kumamoto Castle was destroyed by the earthquake in Kyushu. I would like to come back to see the brave figure after the restoration." I was talking.