Accountability Chaosheng was "adjusted" incident, warning "don't ignore the demands of the masses"

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  This accountability is a reaffirmation of the bottom line of political ethics, and it is a serious warning against indifference and numbness.

  There has been new progress in the matter of "superborn children being taken away from society for adjustment", which has affected the nerves of public opinion.

On July 5, Guilin City reported on the Quanzhou County Health and Health Bureau's improper handling of petitions: According to the preliminary investigation, Quanzhou County was instructed to deal with the director and deputy director of the county health and health bureau who ignored the public's demands and did not act in the administration. Waiting for relevant personnel to be suspended for inspection.

The working group will conduct in-depth investigations to understand the relevant situation and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of petitioners.

  This notification confirmed the authenticity of the "Notice on the Inadmissibility of Letters and Visits of Tang Moumou and Deng Moumou" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice") that was circulated on the Internet.

It should be said that the speed with which the local officials responded to this matter is worthy of recognition.

The director of the local health and health bureau and the deputy director in charge were suspended for inspection for "ignoring the demands of the masses and administrative inaction", which to a large extent resonated with the public sentiment aroused by the incident.

  If it is said that the statement of "social adjustment" in the "Notice" has impacted the most basic human ethics and moral bottom line, then "no records are kept", "the petition matters you have raised are not accepted" and other lack of minimum warmth Indifferent expression and resolute attitude further exacerbated the emotional impact of "social adjustment" on the parties and the society.

In this sense, the local government held the two officials accountable by "ignoring the demands of the masses and inaction by the administration", which should be said to be accurate and echo the expectations of the public.

  Judging from the current information from all parties, the separation of the two petitioners and their children for many years is indeed a "historical issue".

However, how to deal with petitioners and the "historical" issues they reflect directly tests the responsibility of the relevant local departments "today".

It can even be said that because the two petitioners have been separated from their children for many years, the more they suffer from the separation of flesh and blood, the more they should receive a positive response from the relevant local departments.

A cold "inadmissible" obviously lacks the sense of "empathy" and compassion that functional departments should have.

  Further, as the official reason for accountability of the relevant personnel shows, the attitude of the relevant local authorities in this matter, just because the incident reported by the petitioner has a specific historical background, also constitutes an "administrative inappropriate" attitude. as".

In recent years, governments at all levels have repeatedly stressed the need to resolutely prevent "new officials from ignoring old accounts."

For this matter, the relevant functional departments choose to respond negatively, which is undoubtedly contrary to this requirement.

Accountability for this is a reaffirmation of the bottom line of political ethics, and a serious warning against indifference and numbness.

  Of course, in this matter, the accountability of the relevant "inaction" is not the purpose. The appeal of the parties, and the greatest expectation of the society, is that the children who were "socially adjusted" in the past can be reunited with their parents.

On this focal issue, it is undoubtedly a good start to hold relevant personnel responsible for "ignoring the demands of the masses and failing to act in the administration" in a timely manner.

Public opinion also expects that the relevant local parties can "face up to the demands of the people and act actively" to promote the proper resolution of the incident.

  According to media reports, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has taken the lead and quickly dispatched a working group together with relevant departments to guide Guilin City to investigate and deal with it.

This high-level intervention also gives people greater confidence and expectations for the follow-up of the incident.

  □ Wu Zhen (media person)