After the announcement of the end of his program


on France Inter, it was not aberrant to imagine Augustin Trapenard bouncing back on France 5 at the presentation of

La Grande libraire

, the literary magazine presented for 14 years by François Busnel and that he decided to quit.

It is now official according to information from


, Augustin Trapenard will succeed him at the start of the school year.

"The person who will succeed me will be, as I have been, in empathy, greed, passion and transmission",

had described François Busnel in

Le Parisien

, as Télérama recalls.

The presenter remains the producer of the show and will be in charge every Wednesday.

His last, and the 500th in front of the camera is Wednesday at 9 p.m., with guests Leïla Slimani, Yann Queffélec or Daniel Pennac.


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